General info for: Ninja
Maximum Players:
Original Publisher:
Original Release Year:
Original Price:
Original Publication:
Spanish Price:
699 ptas.
Machine Type:
ZX-Spectrum 48K
Multi-Play Type:
Control Types:
Redefineable keys, Kempston, Cursor, Interface 2 (right)
Known Errors:
Bugfix provided by Bandit:

  • Certain memory areas are overwritten due to interrupts activated at the wrong time. Because of this, the location of an idol is always lost (thus making the game unfinishable) and the game may also crash randomly. The following patch fixes this problem:

    org $e2ca
    call $ff99 ; POKE 58059,153: POKE 58060,255

    org $f908
    call $ff99 ; POKE 63753,153: POKE 63754,255

    org $ff99
    ld iy,$5c3a ; POKE 65433,253: POKE 65434,33: POKE 65435,58: POKE 65436,92
    call $03b5 ; POKE 65437,205: POKE 65438,181: POKE 65439,3
    di ; POKE 65440,243
    ret ; POKE 65441,201
  • Enemies on screen are stored in a data table starting at address $e470, using 15 bytes per enemy, for a maximum of 5 enemies. However the current room number is stored at address $e4ba, which corresponds to the last byte of this table. If there are 5 enemies on screen (which is more likely to happen at the last room), the current room number is replaced with data about the 5th enemy. When it happens, the screen gets corrupted and the player reappears at another room. This problem is solved storing the current room number at address $e4bb instead. The following patch fixes this problem:

    org $eabd
    defb $bb ; POKE 60093,187
    org $eae7
    defb $bb ; POKE 60135,187
    org $eafc
    defb $bb ; POKE 60156,187
    org $eb3a
    defb $bb ; POKE 60218,187
    org $ed08
    defb $bb ; POKE 60680,187
    org $ed69
    defb $bb ; POKE 60777,187
    org $ed71
    defb $bb ; POKE 60785,187
    org $f108
    defb $bb ; POKE 61704,187
    org $f59b
    defb $bb ; POKE 62875,187
    org $f76f
    defb $bb ; POKE 63343,187
    org $f806
    defb $bb ; POKE 63494,187
    org $f818
    defb $bb ; POKE 63512,187
    org $fa28
    defb $bb ; POKE 64040,187
    org $fa40
    defb $bb ; POKE 64064,187
    org $faf4
    defb $bb ; POKE 64244,187
    org $fb2c
    defb $bb ; POKE 64300,187
    org $fb3e
    defb $bb ; POKE 64318,187
    org $fb44
    defb $bb ; POKE 64324,187
    org $fb5a
    defb $bb ; POKE 64346,187
    org $fd78
    defb $bb ; POKE 64888,187
    org $fdcd
    defb $bb ; POKE 64973,187
    org $fddd
    defb $bb ; POKE 64989,187

Modified "BUGFIX" file provided by Einar Saukas.
SPOT Comments:
License Information
Name: Sculptured Software
Type: Conversion
Original Name: Ninja
Compilation Details
Title: Sinclair Game Compilation
Publisher: Sinclair Research Ltd
Release Year: 1988
Original Price:
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Platform: Amstrad CPC
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