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Machine Type:
ZX-Spectrum 48K
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Control Types:
Redefineable keys, Kempston
Known Errors:
Bugfix provided by Mr. Anonymous:

  • The game crashes if the player selects Kempston joystick. Technically, there's a 'PUSH DE' in the joystick routine but no corresponding 'POP'. When the routine hits the 'RET' instruction, it incorrectly catapults to the value of 'DE' from the stack, thus crashing the game. The correction simply replaces 'PUSH DE' with a 'NOP'.

    Fixed using POKE 37302,0

Modified "BUGFIX" file provided by Einar Saukas.
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Title: Classic Arcadia 2
Publisher: Alternative Software Ltd
Release Year: 1990
Original Price: £3.99
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Aftermath loading screen

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Platform: Amstrad CPC
Hyperlink: Link
Platform: Commodore 64
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