Release Year  never
Original Publisher  Video Images (UK)
Min. Hardware  ZX-Spectrum 48K
Language  English
Genre  Arcade Game: Maze
Max. Players  1
Other Platforms  Amstrad CPC
Martijn's WoS score  65% (4 votes)

     David Bradley (UK)at Clockwize - ?
     Dean Hickingbottom (UK)at Clockwize - ?

     Dean recalls: "This game (I believe) also started out at Video Images on the CPC and came with us to Clockwize where it was finished off in our spare time on both CPC and ZX. It was never sold. After some initial work and demos, the sequel 'The Quest For Madelaine' was shelved."

Main File Downloads
Acolyte.tzx.zipOriginalZX-Spectrum 48K(None)English

Additional File Downloads
     Acolyte.scr6,912OriginalLoading screen
     Acolyte.gif6,773OriginalRunning screen
     Acolyte_DevelopmentScreens.zip220,090OriginalDevelopment material (sketches/notes) - Development screens

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