Release Year  1986
Original Publisher  
Min. Hardware  ZX81 16K
Language  English
Genre  Casual Game: Card
Max. Players  1
Features  ZX81 Hi-res: WRX

     Fred Nachbaur - ?

     "Blackjack" was written by myself in 1986. The game logic was adapted from a similar game I had written earlier for the first "TRS-80 Pocket Computer". This is a direct application of Greg Harder's "SRAM Hi-Res Extended BASIC" (aka SHREB) that demonstrates just a few of the cool things you can do with this package. Runs in a standard 16K ZX81 or equivalent, plus 8K SRAM. Works fine in ZX Emulator, except the input lines are a bit messed up.

Additional File Downloads
     0032001-run-1.scr6,912OriginalRunning screenEnglish
     0032001-run-2.scr6,912OriginalRunning screenEnglish

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