La Reliquia
Aliases  The Relic
Release Date  2020/Oct/03
Original Publisher  Roolandoo
Min. Hardware  ZX-Spectrum 48K/128K
Language  Multi-language: English, Spanish
Genre  Arcade Game: Action
Max. Players  1
Cross-Platform Tool  MPAGD (Multi-Platform Arcade Game Designer)
Authored with  Arcade Game Designer

     #1 - Matra Computer Automations (Spain)(2020)
     * Release price: €8.75

     Roolandoo [Angel Colaso] - ?

Additional File Downloads
     0036451-load-1.scr6,912OriginalLoading screen
     0036451-run-1.scr6,912OriginalRunning screen
     ReliquiaLa(MatraComputerAutomations)_Front.jpg193,904#1Inlay - Front
     ReliquiaLa(MatraComputerAutomations)_Back.jpg259,765#1Inlay - Back
     ReliquiaLa(MatraComputerAutomations)_SideA.jpg86,523#1Media scan
     ReliquiaLa(MatraComputerAutomations)_SideB.jpg84,277#1Media scan

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