Site Updates

28 May 2018

Even bigger than the DFS Sale.... This is another huge update from Einar. A personal thanks to all those who helped out with this one.

Update from R-Tape

Hyperzonky Mega Update!

Run & Load screenshots for ZX81 16K games of IDs from 29053 - 29221
645 cassette inlays! Thanks Pavel!

New game entries:
Nixy the Glade Sprite

New entries uMIA:
Tap Music
Sokoban Pro
Frog Path
Labyrinth 2
Rubik Cube
Lion - The Revenge
Zycie Maklera

Files & Updates:
Screenshots for Ninjakul in the AUIC Temple
Machine code version, source code & SCREEN for Knights
Latest version of Cross Chase
Latest version of Apullija 13
Ast A. Moore Treasure Island and Fantasy World Dizzy fixes.
Faster version of Capital Cities Tester

"It's Behind You - The Making Of A Computer Game" Bob Pape's riveting account of the glitz, glamour and GRIME in the making of R-Type.

Thanks: Thomas Kolbeck, Ralf, Pavel, Detective Rorthron, Darryl Sloan, Druellan, Fabrizio, Bizzley

Apologies/ Next time:
Ignacio, ZX81 stuff
Druellan/Ralf, Renegade & Heli MODS
Anyone we've missed.

And a final extra thanks for everyone involved in linking ZXDB sites to Spectrum2.0, allowing us to review new content as well as old. Get reviewing people!

03 May 2018

New entries: ROVR, OPZ, Thoroughly Modern Willy, Gem Slider, Fro, Ninjakul in the AUIC Temple, Capital Cities Tester.
New groups: Spectrum computing minigame competition, party 2018.1
SCREEN$ and files: Komplex City, some CSS CGC 2010 games

Apologies: Ralf (your Russian uMIA will be next time), Alessandro (the missed Apulija 13 v2.01 update, will also be next time)

22 April 2018

Attribute 2 You - New demo from MatGubbins
Monte Dorado - never released, rediscovered Text Adventure by Dario Ruellan
Pixel Quest Zero - magazine "Espectro" exclusive
Tea-Leaf Ted
Snake now split into Snake and Python
Davey-Duds loves peas (2017 AGD game)

17 April 2018

New entries and files: Many new ZX81 screenshots (Thanks [mention]kolbeck[/mention] )
Replacement screenshot for Pippo (thanks Dario Ruellan)
Replacement screenshot for Manager (thanks Anonymous)
Downloadable files for the Electronic Magazines in the previous ZXDB update

05 April 2018

New Entries:
  • 3D-Dungeon demo
  • Discovery (never released demo)
  • Lightfire (never released demo)
  • Kryssy, Kryssy 2, Kryssy 3, Nostalgie, Garden Zone
  • Steamed Hams by PROSM
  • Nearly 1000 electronic magazines*
  • Rucksack games. (thanks John Blythe!)
  • Bugfixed version of Brum-Brum (thanks ThEpOpE)
  • Spanish translation of Castelbasic (thanks AnarchyZoft)
  • Updated file for Manager
* Electronic magazines
  • ZX-News
  • On-Line
  • Nicron
  • Maximum
  • New Special Playgames
  • Micro
  • Marazm
  • Life
  • KrNews
  • Gorodok
  • Fantastic
  • Cossackos
  • City
  • Body
General thanks to Dario Ruellan (screenshots, communications)

28 March 2018

As Einar Saukas mentioned earlier, the latest ZXDB update contained a splendiferous amount of new content. The highlights are as follows:

The database does not contain the content, so a huge amount of effort goes on quietly behind the scenes to upload all the content to the server. Thanks to everyone who contributes to this task (you know who you are!), and this week a special thanks to those of you who have taken on the task of the CSS CGC Screenshots.

If you want your name in lights next week, then join on the journey to Spectrum perfection!

Updates and new entries
  • 144 +3 Text Adventures authored with ZXZVM (thanks Lady Eklipse )
  • Electronic Magazines: 21 issues of X-Magazine, 4 of X-Ray, 3 of ZX Chart, 10 ZX-City, 9 ZX-Club (thanks Lady Eklipse )
  • Musical utilities: 15 ZX Chip, SoftPLAY, TimexPLAY, Coldsnap audio
  • Scene demos: 228 ZX-Chip, 36 Wlodek’s demos, 41 ZX-Tunes (Fax, Music, Song, Triumph)
  • 539 ZX Chip Vologodonsk compilations (thanks Lady Eklipse )
  • Derby+ BASIC interpreter
  • Some new entries from CSS CGC 2009 & 2007 (thanks Guesser and serbalgi balgi)
  • The Retroscene best BASIC game competition 2017, 11 games
  • The ZX-Spectrum 2017 BASIC Game Jam, 23 games
  • 36 scans of the card backers from 16/48 Magazine (thanks PaulJ ). We had to reduce the file size but the originals will be put onto
  • All screens from The Complete Machine Code Tutor (thanks Nomad)
  • 2009 CSS CGC Screenshots (thanks Guesser)
  • 2007 CSS CGC Screenshots and corrections (thanks serbalgi

  • Ralf’s latest new/old games, Guesser's CGC corrections

21 March 2018

New/previous missing entries: Additions: Thanks:
  • Ralf, Pegaz, anyone we forgot :-)
  • Paul Jenkinson & Nomad, your scans and bundles didn't make it in time, they will be in the next update.
12 March 2018

The main changes are as follows:
  • Usual fixes and additions
  • Lots of screenshots, including screenshots for all bicolour games
  • Two new entries – Steel Jeeg and Go Race!
  • English version of In Nihilum Reverteris
  • ZX81 version of Roust (to celebrate the Zeddy’s birthday)
  • New entries for ZX81 Games, some MIA, (thanks Neil Parsons and Thomas, Tapes and inlays next time)
  • Tape images for L'Ensouleiado Software
  • Some missing Czech games were brought to our attention, they will be in next time.

03 March 2018

The main updates are as follows (Thanks to Dave for his humorous Narrative)
  • A flouring of fixes
  • Plenty many screenshots
  • The latest games (see the Brand New Software thread)
  • Nearly 30 Romanian games from AMS Software (thanks Ralf)
  • The ZX Spectrum +3 Manual in PDF form.
  • Oh and some games by the Oliver Twins

24 February 2018

New entries:
  • Some unlisted (thanks speccy21) Bezerk2016, Royal Game of UR, Juggle
  • Invasores Aquaticos 1 and 2
  • Perfect Timer by Cosmin Parligras
  • Fantasy Zone - Escape from the Pyramid by Antonio Perez
  • Some of Jim Grimwood's unlisted - Newtype, Games Index, Hex Tools
  • Fagor and Megamind by Martin Ward
  • How to write Spectrum Games and the 'Milk no Sugar' demo by Jonathan Cauldwell
New files:
  • Fixes and updates
  • 6 million screenshots and files post 2013
  • 113 missing text files from classic and new games(thanks Pav)
  • Permission from APSIS - Godkiller and Harbinger series now available
  • Permission from Retrobytes - Tales of Grupp, FistRO Fighter etc now available
  • Permission from Sanchez - Castlevania added
  • Permission from Andy Ford et al - Jet Set 40/40 and many other mods now available
  • Permission from Jonathan Cauldwell - his games now available, plus the post 2013 ones
  • Egghead replaced with the correct, non cracked version, with apologies to Claire Tucker
  • None, unless we forgot to mention you!