YAST (Yet Another Spectrum [You]Tuber)

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YAST (Yet Another Spectrum [You]Tuber)

Post by namco » Mon Nov 12, 2018 8:30 pm

Unfortunately YAST isn't the name of my channel but I'm just an average youtuber who's main content is ZX Spectrum related.

I do Until I Die where I take a first look into a ZX Spectrum game and play it until I die. Some of these are followed up in another series called Poke for Extra Lives where I take a longer look to those games that I couldn't spend much time on due to dying too quickly. Poke for Extra Lives isn't as regular as Until I Die as I do have other LPs.

This weeks Until I Die is Challenge of the Gobots:

The other two are coming Tuesday (Fast Food Dizzy) and Friday (Turbo Out Run) at 7pm

Here is a recent Poke for Extra Lives on Predator 2 (which I chose over Hunchback):

And my previous Until I Die was UbiSoft's Zombie:

For those that like other LPs I'm currently finishing off BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Revenge. This didn't start off well quality-wise but back then I didn't have much in the way of software/equipment. I did try and spice it up with doing an overview of mechs that would be encountered in the video.

The other LP is Corporation on the Mega Drive. It's a tough one but I'm slowly getting through it.
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