The Great North WoS/SC/CSS Meet

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The Great North WoS/SC/CSS Meet

Post by ZXDunny » Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:04 pm

As x-posted to WoS/FB, Marko, myself and a few others like to have a northern UK meetup - we've usually held them at Carlisle or Manchester, usually around the time the clocks go back (October this year). The usual WoS meet is generally held in the south which precludes many of us from the north, so we do our own.

Precise date is TBC, venue is TBC after proper discussion.

All are welcome. Bring interesting Speccy gear (portable preferred) or not; we tend to head to the pub and get blattered and drone on about this and that. It's a great chance to meet other Speccy nuts.

Any takers? Suggestions for dates etc are welcome. We're looking at Oct 26th at present but we can be flexible.
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