esxDOS v0.8.7 released

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esxDOS v0.8.7 released

Post by Alessandro » Sun Jun 23, 2019 1:14 pm

esxDOS v0.8.7 has been officially released. Grab it at

This version has the following (notable) new features:
  • Experimental Z80 DMA (Z8410) I/O support (enabled in ESXDOS.CFG - please test and report)
  • New "utime" syscall
  • New/Updated Commands: .dfwload, .more, .dumpmem and .sercp

[24/05/2018] FAT Driver: Fixed a bug that prevented writing the EEPROM to disk (lordcoxis + reported by ub880d)
[30/06/2018] Commands: Added .dfwload (ub880d)
[03/11/2018] NMI: Slightly changed keyboard routine to reduce key bounce on unreliable keyboards (ub880d)
[19/01/2019] FAT Driver: Fixed a critical bug (introduced in v0.8.6) when creating directory entries on DivMMC (lordcoxis + reported by Ben Versteeg)
[19/01/2019] Kernel: Added experimental Z80DMA (on port $0B) driver for I/O operations, configurable via ESXDOS.CFG file (lordcoxis + LMN128)
[19/01/2019] Commands: Updated .more and .dumpmem commands (ub880d)
[19/01/2019] TR-DOS: Added $052E trap, which fixes Headball GS (lordcoxis + reported by Hood)
[16/03/2019] FAT: Added utime() syscall (lordcoxis + requested by Pavel Vymetalek)
[17/03/2019] FAT: Fixed utime() syscall (ub880d)
[26/03/2019] Commands: Added .sercp (Pavel Vymetalek)
[19/04/2019] Kernel: Fixed M_DOSVERSION syscall (lordcoxis + ub880d)
[15/06/2019] Kernel: Fixed infinite loop when ESXDOS.SYS cannot be loaded (lordcoxis + reported by UB880D)
[16/06/2019] Flasher: Added MB03+ IDE/MMC flasher (LMN128)
[16/06/2019] Kernel: Fixed crash when no device is present (lordcoxis)

PLEASE NOTE: The .128 command has not been updated from the 0.8.6 release. See here for a description of the problem and to download a fixed version.

Source: esxDOS forum
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