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Re: The best Speccy game by Mikro-Gen: vote

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 10:18 am
by PeteProdge
There you have it, Three Weeks In Paradise takes the crown, with 9 votes.

Pyjamarama is very close behind, with 8 votes.

Third place goes to Everyone's A Wally, 4 votes.

That's the top three dominated by Wally Week games, will it continue to the fourth place? Nope. That's Equinox, 3 votes.

Frost Byte is fifth, 2 votes.

Another Wally Week game, Automania, is one of the sixth-placed games, who gained 1 vote each. In full, that's Automania; Space Zombies and Tempest.

The only Wally Week game not to get any votes in the forum's poll, is Herbert's Dummy Run.

The proportional top three voting results have a pretty different order!..

Pyjamarama 19
Everyone's A Wally 17
Three Weeks In Paradise 9
Automania 4
Frost Byte 4
Herbert's Dummy Run 3
Space Zombies 3
Equinox 2
Scramble 2
Defendar 1
Stainless Steel 1
Witch's Cauldron, The 1