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Cover artists

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:32 am
by Juan F. Ramirez
I started a thread in WoS some weeks ago about cover artists. Their great work sometimes wasn't properly remembered in many cases. So it would be a good idea to add the artist name to its corresponding entry in the DB.

Sometimes the info is in the instructions, sometimes in an article in a blog, in a podcast... so if you have any info just post it. I'll update the list both in the Wos thread and here:

The list of games with its known cover artist up to date, in alphabetical order:

1985 - The Day After (Mastertronic) - Mark Brady
Abu Simbel Profanation (Dinamic) - Alfonso Azpiri
After the War (Dinamic) – Luis Royo
Ah Diddums (Imagine) - Steve Blower
Alchemist (Imagine) - Gary Mc Namara
Alien Highway (Vortex) - Chris Clover
Alien Kill (Mastertronic) - Mark Brady
Ant Attack (Quicksilva) - David Rowe
Arcadia (Imagine) - Steve Blower
Army Moves (Dinamic) - Alfonso Azpiri
Aspar GP Master (Dinamic) - Fernando San Gregorio
Astronut (Software Projects) - Roger Tissyman
Athena (Imagine) - Bob Wakelin
Atic Atac (Ultimate) - Tim Stamper
Backpackers Guide to the Universe (Fantasy) - Steinar Lund
Barbarian (Melbourne House) - Roger Dean
Batman: The Caped Crusader (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Battle of the Planets (Mikro-Gen) - Steinar Lund
Battlecars (Games Workshop) - Jim Burns
Beach-Head II (US Gold) - Oliver Frey
Bestial Warrior (Dinamic) - Ricardo Machuca
Black Beard (Topo) - Alfonso Azpiri
Blue Max (US Gold) - Tim Boxell
BMX Racers (Mastertronic) - Mark Brady
Boulder Dash (Front Runner) - Steinar Lund
Bullseye (Mastertronic re-released version) - Mark Brady
Cabal (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Camelot Warriors(Dinamic) - Alfonso Azpiri
Capitán Sevilla (Dinamic) - Francesc Capdevila ('Max')
Cauldron (Palace) - Steve Brown
Cavelon (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Chase H.Q (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Chinese Juggler (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Classic Adventure (Melbourne House) - Steinar Lund
Cobra's Arc (Dinamic) - Alfonso Azpiri
Codename Mat II (Domark) - Steinar Lund
Coliseum (Topo) - Alfonso Azpiri
Colossal Adventure (Level 9) - Godfrey Dowson
Comando Tracer (Dinamic) - Luis Royo
Combat Lynx (Durell) - Tim Hayward
Cookie (Ultimate) - Tim Stamper
Cop-Out (Mikro-Gen) - Steinar Lund
Cosmic Wartoad (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Cozumel (Aventuras AD) - Luis Royo
Critical Mass (Durell) - Tim Hayward
Critical Mass (Durell) - Tim Hayward
Daley Thompson’s Decathlon (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Deep Strike (Durell) - Tim Hayward
Dinamite Dan (Mirrosoft) - Steinar Lund
Dinamite Dan II (Mirrosoft) - Steinar Lund
Dragonsbane (Quicksilva) - Steinar Lund
Druid (Firebird) - Alan Craddock
Dustin (Dinamic) - Alfonso Azpiri
Empire Fights Back (Mastertronic) - Mark Brady
Encyclopedia of War: Ancient Battles (CCS) - Oliver Frey
Eskimo Eddie (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Fairlight (The Edge) - Stuart Hughes
Fairlight II (The Edge) - Susan Rowe
Fantastic Voyage/Blood & Guts (Quicksilva) - Steinar Lund
Fantasy World Dizzy (Codemasters) - Alistair Graham
Fat Worm Blows A Sparky (Durell) - Tim Hayward
Fernando Martín Basket Master (Dinamic) - Ángel Luis Rodríguez
Fighting Warrior (Melbourne H.) - Steinar Lund
Finders Keepers (Mastertronic) - John Smyth
Frankie goes to Hollywood (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Fred (Quicksilva) - David Rowe
Galivan (Imagine) - Bob Wakelin
Game Over (Dinamic) - Luis Royo
Games Designer (Quicksilva) - Steinar Lund
Gift From the Gods (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Gilligan’s Gold (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Green Beret (Imagine) - Bob Wakelin
Gryzor (Imagine) - Bob Wakelin
Gutz (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Harrier Attack! (Durell) - Tim Hayward
Head over Heels (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Heartland (Odin) - Gerry Fisher
Hellfire Attack (Martech) - Steinar Lund
High Noon (Ocean, never released) - Bob Wakelin
Highlander (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Hunchback (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Hunchback at the Olympics (MIA, Software Projects) - Roger Tissyman
Hunchback II (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Hundra (Dinamic) - Luis Royo
Hyper Sports (Imagine) - Bob Wakelin
I, Ball (Firebird) - Steinar Lund
Jason's Gem (Mastertronic) - John Smyth
Jet Pac (Ultimate) - Tim Stamper
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects) - Roger Tyssiman
Jet Set Willy II (Software Projects) - Roger Tyssiman
Jumping Jack (Imagine) - Steve Blower
Jungle Trouble (Durell) - Tim Hayward
Jungle Trouble (Durell) - Tim Hayward
Kane (Mastertronic) - John Smyth
Kayleth (US Gold) - Oliver Frey
Knight Lore (Ultimate) - Tim Stamper
Kwah (Melbourne House) - Steinar Lund
La Abadía del Crimen (Ópera Soft) - Juan Delcán
La Aventura Original (Aventuras AD) - Luis Royo
La Guerra de las Vajillas (Dinamic) - Ricardo Machuca
Learning With Leeper (Software Projects) - Roger Tissyman
Live and Let Die (Domark) - Steinar Lund
Livingstone, Supongo (Opera) - Laugi
Lode Runner (Software Projects) - Roger Tyssiman
Lords of Time (Level 9) - Godfrey Dowson
Los Pájaros de Bangkok (Dinamic) - Rafael Negrete
Lunar Jetman (Ultimate) - Tim Stamper
Lunar Rescue (CRL) - Phil Gascoine
Mad Mix Game (Topo) - Alfonso Azpiri
Mag Max (Imagine) - Bob Wakelin
Manic Miner (Software Projects) - Roger Tyssiman
Match Day (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Match of the Day II (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
McKensie (Software Projects) - Roger Tissyman
Meganova (Dinamic) - Azpiri
Mermaid Madness (Electric Dreams) - Steinar Lund
Meteor Storm (Quicksilva) - Rich Shenfield
Midnight Resistance (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Mighty Magus (Quicksilva) - Susan Rowe
Mighty Magus (Quicksilva) - Susan Rowe
Mikie (imagine) - Bob Wakelin
Mined Out (Quicksilva) - Rich Shenfield
Molar Maul (Imagine) - Steve Blower
Moon Alert (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Mot (Topo) - Alfonso Azpiri
Movie (Imagine) - Bob Wakelin
Mutants (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
NARC (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Navy Moves (Dinamic) - Luis Royo
Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix (Martech) - Steinar Lund
Nightshade (Ultimate) - Tim Stamper
Nonamed (Dinamic) - Alfonso Azpiri
Obliterator (Melbourne House) - Roger Dean
Ometron (Software Projects) - Roger Tissyman
One Man & His Droid (Mastertronic) - John Smyth
Operational Wolf (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Orbix the Terrorball (Streetwise) - Steinar Lund
Orion (Software Projects) - Roger Tissyman
Pang (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Phantis (Dinamic) - Alfonso Azpiri
Phantomas 2 (Dinamic) - Alfonso Azpiri
Phantomas(Dinamic) - Alfonso Azpiri
Pi - R squared (Mind Games) - Steinar Lund
Pi-Eyed (Automata UK) - Robin Grenvile-Evans
Pippo (Mastertronic) - John Smyth
Planet of Death (Artic) - Tony Roberts
Pssst (Ultimate) - Tim Stamper
Psycho Soldier (Imagine) - Bob Wakelin
Pud Pud (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Push Off (Software Projects) - Roger Tissyman
Pyjamarama (Mikro-Gen) - Graham Campbell
R.A.M. (Topo) - Alfonso Azpiri
Rainbow Islands (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Ranarama (Hewson) - Steve Weston
Rastan (Imagine) - Bob Wakelin
Rebelstar Raiders (Red Shift) - Ed Dovey
Red Moon (Level 9) - Godfrey Dowson
Redhawk (Melbourne House) - Steinar Lund
Renegade (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Renegade III (Imagine) - Bob Wakelin
Rescate Atlántida (Dinamic) - Enrique Ventura
Return of the Jedi (Domark) - Steinar Lund
Rex (Martech) - Steinar Lund
Riddler's Den (Electric Dreams) - Steinar Lund
Rocky (Dinamic) - Alfonso Azpiri
Royal Birkdale Championship Golf (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Saboteur 2 (Durell) - Tim Hayward
Saboteur 2 (Durell) - Tim Hayward
Saboteur! (Durell) - Tim Hayward
Sabre Wulf (Ultimate) - Tim Stamper
Scuba Dive (Durell) - Tim Hayward
Scuba Dive (Durell) - Tim Hayward
Sgrizam (Dinamic) - Alfonso Azpiri
Shadow of the Beast (Melbourne House - Roger Dean
Shadow Warriors (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Sigma 7 (Durell) - Tim Hayward
Silent Shadow (Topo) - Alfonso Azpiri
Sir Fred (Made in Spain) - Juan Delcán
Smuggler's Cove (Quicksilva) - Steinar Lund
Snowball (Level 9) - Godfrey Dowson
Space Gun (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Space Walk (Mastertronic) - Mark Brady
Spectipede (Mastertronic re-released version) - Mark Brady
Stainless Steel (Mikro-Gen) - Steinar Lund
Star Wars (Domark) - Steinar Lund
Starglider 2 (Rainbird) - Steve Weston
Stonkers (Imagine) - Gordon Brooks
Street Fighter 2 (Go!) - Mick McGinty
Super Bowl (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Super Soccer (Imagine) - Bob Wakelin
Tank Trax (Mastertronic re-released version) - Mark Brady
Target: Renegade (Imagine) - Bob Wakelin
Terror of the Deep (Mirrosoft) - Steinar Lund
Terrorpods (Melbourne H.) - Roger Dean
Tetris (Mirrorsoft) - David Rowe
Tetris (Mirrorsoft) - David Rowe
Thanatos (Durell) - Tim Hayward
Thanatos (Durell) - Tim Hayward
The Artist (The Edge) - Stuart Hughes
The Bird and the Bees (Bug-Byte) - Roger Tissyman
The Chess Player (Quicksilva) - David Rowe
The Dam Busters (US Gold) - Bob Wakelin
The Great Escape (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
The Hunt for Red October (Grandslam) - Steinar Lund
The Last Ninja (System3, never released) - Steinar Lund
The New Zealand Story (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
The Shadows of Mordor (Melbourne House) - Ted Nasmith
The Vindicator (Imagine) - Bob Wakelin
Thrusta (Software Projects) - Roger Tissyman
Toad Runner (Ariola Soft) - Lee Gibbons
Tomahawk (Digital Integration) - Paul Barnes
Tranz Am (Ultimate) - Tim Stamper
Tribble Trubble (Software Projects) - Roger Tissyman
Turbo Esprit (Durell) - Tim Hayward
Turbo Girl (Dinamic) - Luis Royo
Turrican (Rainbow Arts) - Celal Kandemiroglu
Ulises (Opera) - Alfonso Azpiri
Underwurlde (Ultimate) - Tim Stamper
Velnor's Lair (Quicksilva) - Susan Rowe
Viaje al Centro de la Tierra (Topo) - Alfonso Azpiri
Wellington at Waterloo (CCS) - Oliver Frey
West Bank (Dinamic) - Alfonso Azpiri
When time Stood Still (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Wizball (Ocean) - Bob Wakelin
Xadom (Quicksilva) - Steinar Lund
Zombie Zombie (Quicksilva) - David Rowe
Zynaps (Hewson) - Steve Weston

Re: Cover artists

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:48 am
by Mike Davies
Fantastic. This looks like it would be a useful addition to ZXDB.

Re: Cover artists

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:26 am
by PeteProdge
For Mastertronic - Curse Of Sherwood and Feud were by John Smyth at Words And Pictures. In fact, he did all the cartoon-like inlays for that label and its imprints. Mark Brady (also Words And Pictures) was the artist who did science-fiction style covers. It seems there were other artists from Words And Pictures, but the bulk of Mastertronic's offerings used these two people.

Source: ... istory.htm

Re: Cover artists

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:30 am
by Ralf
Some very impressive research was done here!

Re: Cover artists

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:55 am
by Juan F. Ramirez
PeteProdge wrote:
Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:26 am
For Mastertronic - Curse Of Sherwood and Feud were by John Smyth at Words And Pictures. In fact, he did all the cartoon-like inlays for that label and its imprints. Mark Brady (also Words And Pictures) was the artist who did science-fiction style covers. It seems there were other artists from Words And Pictures, but the bulk of Mastertronic's offerings used these two people.

Source: ... istory.htm
Great. So for a start, we must add these two games to the list:

Curse of Sherwood (Mastertronic) - John Smyth
Feud (Mastertronic) - John Smith

Re: Cover artists

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 1:00 pm
by Audionautas


Steve Weston (1948-2010) did a lot of covers for Hewson, especially for their full price games.

Confirmed by Hewson, websites/books/magazines or signature by the author found on the picture ( ... umbab.html)

* Uridium.
* Ranarama.
* Exolon.
* Marauder.
* Firelord.
* Cybernoid.
* Nebulus.
* Gunrunner.
* Impossaball.
* Zynaps.
* Alleykat (C64 game).
* Eliminator.
* Astaroth (Atari ST/Amiga game).
* 5th Gear (Atari ST/Amiga game).
* Custodian (Atari ST/Amiga game).
* Onslaught (Atari ST/Amiga game).

Non-confirmed covers but very likely done by Steve Weston

* Cybernoid 2.
* Netherworld.
* Morpheus (C64 game. Hewson original). ... poster.jpg
* Magnetron (Hewson and Firebird originals). If you look carefully, the Hewson Magnetron and the Firebird Magnetron covers have almost the same layout, just with colours changed and a new logo.
* Eagles (C64 game).
* Steel (16 bit cover).
* He probably did covers for some Rack-It games, but not confirmed (Scorpion?, Herobotix?, Sunburst? Who knows).


Steve Weston worked on a number of cover for Firebird and Rainbird labels. According to this forum: ... ?f=7&t=127

* Starglider 2.
* Fish (16 bit)
* Tracker (16 bit)
* Knight Orc (16 bit)
* Jinxter (16 bit)
* Silicon Dream (16 bit).


He worked for Hewson on Rack-It covers mainly, but he also did some full price titles.

* Stormlord.
* Deliverance: Stormlord II.
* Heatwave (compilation).

Non-confirmed but very likely done by Nick Davies

* Mazemania.
* Technician Ted (Rack-It).
* Pyracurse (Rack-It).
* Zamzara (Rack-It).
* 5th Gear (Rack-It).
* Thunder Force (Rack-It).
* Orion (Rack-It).

Other artists that worked on Hewson covers. Iridis Alpha (C64, Steinar Lund), Insects in Space (16 bit, Oliver Frey), Slayer (16 bit, Pete Lyon), Paradroid'90 (16 bit, Danny Flynn), Zarathrusta (16 bit, Danny Flynn), Moonfall (16 bit, Danny Flynn), 4th Dimension compilation (8 bit, Danny Flynn). ( ... rints.html)

Re: Cover artists

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:08 pm
by Juan F. Ramirez
Thanks for your contributions!

Re: Cover artists

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:25 am
by Juan F. Ramirez
So let's add these to the list (only confirmed ones):

Uridium (Hewson) - Steve Weston
Exolon (Hewson) - Steve Weston
Marauder (Hewson) - Steve Weston
Firelord (Hewson) - Steve Weston
Cybernoid (Hewson) - Steve Weston
Nebulus (Hewson) - Steve Weston
Gunrunner (Hewson) - Steve Weston
Impossaball (Hewson) - Steve Weston
Eliminator (Hewson) - Steve Weston
Stormlord (Hewson) - Nick Davies
Stormlord II: Deliverance (Hewson) - Nick Davies
Heatwave (Hewson, compilation) - Nick Davies
4th Dimension (Hewson, compilation) - Danny Flynn

Re: Cover artists

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:32 am
by Audionautas
Great!! Thank you!!!

Re: Cover artists

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:56 pm
by Juan F. Ramirez
I came across a pic of Donkey Kong (Ocean) with a little 'Cabarga' as a signature. After searching for it I found an american cartoonist named Leslie Cabarga, whose web page includes the DK artwork... Bingo! :D ... 96&id=1437