ZX Spectrum games represented in Good Pub Guide

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ZX Spectrum games represented in Good Pub Guide

Post by PeteProdge » Fri Nov 17, 2017 12:48 pm

Originally published at That Other Place in July 2014.

I've only just managed to track down these entries from past Good Pub Guides...
  • The pub, 180
    Well stocked with spirits, yet has only one beer pump. The barmaid has lightning-fast skills in sliding full pints down the bar to punters, without spilling a drop.
    The pub's main income must surely derive from the popular leisure facilities, of which darts is a major focus. Regulars Desmond, Sidney, Dave, Larry, Bill, Mick, Tel and Jim take part in tournaments, all attired in the same clothing.
    Unfortunately, dogs are allowed and the bar is occasionally home to a rather badly behaved spaniel who takes delight in marking his territory. Clearly, hygiene is not a priority in this otherwise commendable pub.
  • The Ship, Target: Renegade
    Located in an unsavoury part of town, with baseball-capped youths and feral pitbulls running amock, this review took place under extreme duress.
    Upon opening the big scarlet door to enter The Ship (and I wonder if that's the same pub namechecked in Underworld's 1996 opus, Born Slippy) I was confronted by an agressive middle-aged skinhead. I'm not the fighting type, but he clearly wanted a ruckus and, in self-defence, I managed to lay him out cold.
    Of course my main priority is to review this pub and not to dwell on the considerable social disorder. The interior is very spacious, decked with green carpet and a 1950s style jukebox. A huge framed platinum disk sits on the wall, so one must assume the landlord may have been in the record industry at some point, maybe even a singer. Unfortunately I did not get to see the details close up, as I was accosted by several other violent skinheads, some of whom were wielding pool cues.
    The pub is heavily stocked with spirits of various types. Pumps are nowhere to be seen, although one presumes hard liquor is the drink of choice among regulars here. Not wishing to cast aspersions, but drink-fuelled mayhem seems to be the order of the day here. This really isn't the place for a sociology lecture, but inner city deprivation appears to play a part.
    After tackling the folically-challenged regulars, I retired to the Games Room. A nicely furnished area, with a couple of pool tables and a dartboard. Bizarrely, some novelty version of pool is preferred here, with many balls being green. The jukebox here is a CD multi-changer, a nod to a more modern age.
    Sadly, my time here was cut short as I was repeatedly headbutted by a muscular fellow who appears to be a well-feared character. I was taken to A&E and am still in recovery after this fateful visit.
    In conclusion, I can say that the venue itself is very roomy and entertainment is fairly well catered for, but I cannot ignore the anti-social violence that was dished out to me on my visit. For this reason, I warn you to steer clear.

I'm sure there are more. Does anyone else have any?
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