New version of ZX-Diagnostics (v0.37)

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New version of ZX-Diagnostics (v0.37)

Post by balford »

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce a new version of ZX-Diagnostics, v0.37.

You can find the release package here: ... /tag/v0.37

The changelog for this release is as follows. Have fun!

New features:

- Support for the CSS Electronics 128K ROM board (
- Diagnostics integrity check on startup. Catches corrupt diagnostics images,
as well as addressing errors that would prevent diagnostics from running correctly.
- Z80 Type detection, available in ULA test, identifies whether CPU is an NMOS or CMOS variant.
- Detection of SLAM48+/SLAM128+ hardware in ULA Test (hold down U on startup)
- Added TK90X/TK95 ASIC detection to ULA test (credit - André Luiz Loureiro Varajão)
- Linux Shell scripts ( etc.) supplied to support building zx-diagnostics on Linux

Deprecated features:



- Improved refresh speed of the memory browser display (particularly on Dandanator devices)
- Added some more machine types to the ROM detection routine (TS2048/2068)
- Proper differentiation between TK90X/TK95 ROM versions (credit - André Luiz Loureiro Varajão)


- On Dandanator Mini, soak test was crash resetting back to Dandanator game menu after one iteration (credit - Matthew Logue)
- Lock Dandanator paging when writing to ROM space in memory browser to avoid crashing
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Re: New version of ZX-Diagnostics (v0.37)

Post by Pegaz »

Thanks for this balford.
I really appreciate your tool and it's nice to see a new version. :)
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