MB03+ Ultimate

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MB03+ Ultimate

Post by SamC » Sun Sep 29, 2019 8:49 pm

Dear Speccy fans!

Let me direct you to a brand new fantastic add-on for all ZX Spectrums (incl. compatibles).

It is the MB03+ Ultimate, a follower of the superb disc-drive and DMA interface from the nineties.

This new version is fully compatible with the old good MB02 and also with popular DivIDE and DivMMC interfaces.
It is driven by a powerful FPGA with a large and fast RAM and is more capable than any other FPGA-based "SPECCYal" hardware implementation, even than the DivGMX or the ZX Spectrum Next!

Pretty compact, with connectors for a kempston-standard joystick and a USB mouse (in K-Mouse mode), three buttons (Reset, NMI and Extra), 3 slots for CF and SD cards, WI-FI connectivity and also prepared for a Video Display Output.

The devices implemented inside the MB03+ include the most popular add-ons for your ZX Spectrum, e.g. memory expansions, sound chips, the Z80-DMA chip and the General Sound (this interface with its own fast Z-80 CPU is itself a second computer, working synchronized in the background of your ZX Spectrum). The hardware core is now occupied, by all implemented devices, only by 25 percent. So there is still a huge space left for any future add-ons.

Thanks to implemented MB02 and DivIDE and DivMMC interfaces we can use any operating system, incl. ESXDOS, ResiDOS, BSDOS.
I hope, at least in the case of the ESXDOS, we could expect a new advanced version that utilize new features of the MB03+.

It is a pure non-profit and hobby project, hence the price 399 euros. I know, it is not cheap, however, it is less than a half of the total price of all interfaces you should purchase in order to have such a powerful machine.
A production of the second batch (of ten interfaces) has just started. The firmware is still under development, so beta-testers are welcome!

I invite you to visit the site https://sites.google.com/view/mb03plus/home (or 128land.com)
and also the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mb02plus/

As far as I know, the MB03+ can be operated on a variety of models, I use it with the advanced +2A model and also with the basic Sparrow 48K.
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