Earliest example of overclocking processor

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Earliest example of overclocking processor

Post by Nomad » Thu Mar 01, 2018 1:01 am

So I read something earlier that got me thinking, what was the earliest practical report of overclocking a cpu?
Even if the program in an experimental model used for a championship is not different from the production model, the speed of the central processor chip may be twice as fast -- which can make a huge difference to move choices in crucial tactical situations. Such enhancements, which may be possible under tournament conditions where special cooling equipment has been used and the company's programmers and engineers can be on hand to cope with breakdowns, are not usually possible in production models -- which have to work
in normal conditions in owner's homes and whose price must be kept as low as possible.
The New Chess Computer Book
This is talking about competitions that happened 1980-1981

I figure it has to be one of the earliest examples. According to this guys and girls were overclocking their 6502s and z80s from a very early period.
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Re: Earliest example of overclocking processor

Post by Kweepa » Thu Mar 01, 2018 4:46 am

Overclocking is surely one of those things that’s been going on as long as processors have existed. The seventies was all hobbyist home computing... I don’t remember any overclocking in Hackers (the book) but there’s this:
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