NedoOS multitasking operating system for ZX-Spectrum

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NedoOS multitasking operating system for ZX-Spectrum

Post by PeterJ »

Would one of our Russian friends be able to give brief (not overly technical) overview of NedoOS? I'm particularly interested in the web browser. Is there a demo of this?

I managed to translate the following:
NedoOS is a multitasking operating system for the "Russian ZX Spectrum" with programming environments in assembly language, Basic, Pascal, C, NedoLang. Works on TR-DOS, FAT16 and FAT32 with long names, supports tar, gz, zip, rar2 and almost all actually used Spectrum file formats, network utilities include Web browser and Web server, Telnet client and Telnet server, IRC -client, etc. Games are written for the OS, including network games. Now there are 6 members in the repository. The source code of the entire system (58 programs) is 230 thousand lines in assembly language and 70 thousand lines in C.
Maybe a getting started with the BASIC environment?
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Re: NedoOS multitasking operating system for ZX-Spectrum

Post by Weiv »

I'm far from NedoOS, I know that this system is only for advanced russian clones compatible with ATM-Turbo 2 (ZX-Evo(baseconf), Pentagon 2.666, ATM3,...). Maybe you'll find something there:

Overview (seems like you already found this):
google translation: ... F521012%2F .

Video presentation with subs (can be translated by Youtube):

Official site:
google translation: ...

As I can see, web browser is text only.
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Re: NedoOS multitasking operating system for ZX-Spectrum

Post by Alone Coder »

Here is a quick walk in NedoOS:

Opening several websites, showing several pictures (interlace in .gif is not yet implemented), playing downloaded music.
Scratch gfx editor.
Command line.
Text editor.
Text viewer.
Hex editor.
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