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Re: World of Spectrum....

Post by hitm4n » Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:52 pm

Mike Davies wrote:
Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:21 pm
EdwardCatflap wrote:
Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:35 am
Lee, I think it’s best for WOS and the Spectrum Community on a whole is if you give up WOS (or close it) and just leave the ‘scene’.
That's not correct. Lee can keep WoS as his own personal fiefdom. The problem is having such a person, who has lost/thrown away the respect and credibility of large chunks of the Spectrum community as the sole gatekeeper of Spectrum content archives, where he can keep using his control to cut out people in the community he dislikes. That's now a solved problem - he doesn't control ZXDB.

The Spectrum Computing site, and ZXDB underneath have succeeded in creating a means of contributing that isn't impaired or controlled by this one gatekeeper. I'd urge you, instead of demanding that Lee leave, double down and contribute to Spectrum Computing and ZXDB, support those avenues as best you can. There is nothing Lee can do to interfere with the ZXDB dataset. His main ambition seems to be to duplicate a large chunk of work that's already available for free in ZXDB -- that's his choice. As Napolean once said, "Never interrupt an enemy when he is making a mistake".
EdwardCatflap wrote:
Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:35 am
Do the decent thing, just give it (WOS) up to someone who cares deeply for the Community or close it and let this site take over and get the scene back to what it was, nice friendly community chat about the ZX Spectrum and all things Sinclair related.
This site -- and ZXDB -- doesn't need Lee's permission to be the community website for the ZX Spectrum. This site has to earn that level of respect from the Spectrum community, one person at a time. That's what Martijn had to do when he built the World of Spectrum.

If Lee (or his "team") was interested in collaboration, and avoiding duplicate effort, and taking advantage of titles that don't exist in WoS currently, he/they could collaborate as equals, and feed in corrections and updates back into ZXDB. Lee doesn't control ZXDB. ZXDB is open, and available for anyone to use, and so far I've not seen a single example of it's creator and curator saying to any site that they can't use ZXDB -- much the opposite, to Einar's credit.
This is spot on. Well said Mark. Support this forum, this site and ZXDB. I hope Einar will continue to update ZXDB for a long time to come and i hope this site can become all it wants to be.
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Mike Davies
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Re: World of Spectrum....

Post by Mike Davies » Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:47 am

I think Einar, again, has nailed it perfectly when it comes to genuine inclusivity. ZXDB contains links to ZX Spectrum Reviews (currently offline, hopefully temporary), the TipShop, CASA (for adventure solutions). That's bringing together various community resources. I hope this is just the low-hanging-fruit, and it goes further, that ZXDB references any useful/informative online resource that relates to a particular entry: catalogue title, publisher, developer, label.

Like the entry for Avalon linking to Steve Turner's blog post talking about how he developed it as an event tree ( ... ntrol.html), and Steve Wetherill on how he achieved the fast scrolling on Sidewize ( ... enanigans/); Graeme Mason's interview with Giovanni Zanetti about the making of Pippo (

Or, more technical things, like notes by people who have disassembled/reverse engineered games, like this one about The Great Escape ( -- that was mentioned in another thread here.

Why should the only references for titles be 30-year old magazine articles? We're at the point where journalists, writers and fans are doing wonderful work in finding out about the games we grew up with. We are in a time where there's a growing interest and fascination about Spectrum games, developers and publishers. And ZXDB is in a great place to bring this knowledge together around the catalogue of titles (new and old). This will be a boon to people using ZXDB-powered sites to find out more about a game they are interested in.
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Re: World of Spectrum....

Post by PeterJ » Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:33 am

Hi @Mike Davies I see no reasons why these hyperlinks can't be added. We already have hyperlinks for authors and publishers. I suggest you send a PM to @Einar Saukas . We could extend the project you are working on to accept these as people find useful hyperlinks.
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