The rise and fall of Sinclair User

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Evil Genius
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Re: The rise and fall of Sinclair User

Post by Evil Genius » Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:31 pm

Thanks for posting that @PeteProdge , was very interesting. One thing puzzles me about the McCandless interview, when he says "Stopped reading it [Crash} after I heard about the scary origins of Newsfield. " Whats that about then? Can't find anything about it online after an admittedly short search, but did turn up this interview with Roger Kean which is well worth a read ... rview.html

I was a Crash man (youth) myself, and LM for it's too-brief run.
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Re: The rise and fall of Sinclair User

Post by Blerkotron » Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:34 pm

At the time I found 'old' Sinclair User a bit dull, although I did buy it every month as well as YS and Crash. Once it started trying to ape YS it very quickly went down the toilet and I think I quit reading it regularly sometime in 1988, only picking it up when there was something on the cover tape that I fancied.

Fast forward a few years (cough) and I find that I appreciate those early SU years a lot more now than I ever did then. It was a proper enthusiasts magazine, and some of the articles (particularly the programming ones) are genuinely fascinating and useful stuff.
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