New ZX Spectrum Games Book

Stuff for sale, hopefully MEGA+@rare!!!, or commercial projects
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Re: New ZX Spectrum Games Book

Post by PeterJ »

Hi @dfzx,

I'm pretty sure that newer versions of Firefox include a built in ad-blocker. It obviously doesn't like Amazon!

You have trusted SC, but the link is from Amazon, so it's probably blocking it.

I'm using Chrome.
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Re: New ZX Spectrum Games Book

Post by Pegaz »

Obviously some browser issue, I just tried it on a smartphone and it works.
btw, it is too expensive, but I definitely appreciate the effort.
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Re: New ZX Spectrum Games Book

Post by akeley »

17 pounds? I'm sorry, but that's way too much. To be brutally honest, your book does not really look professional enough to warrant this price. Actually I would probably pass even if it was a fiver, because it looks like something I could put together myself in few days.

It's a good idea, but I think you should take it back to drawing board (add backgrounds, move past basic formatting, etc). Then maybe do a Kickstarter - or risk a small independently printed run yourself. I've looked at prices for similar formats recently and they aren't actually so bad (though, of course do involve some initial investment.)
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Re: New ZX Spectrum Games Book

Post by malczx »

Hello, fair enough thanks for the feedback, yes the colour does put the price up unfortunately, I will look at changing it to black and white inside. I've never done anything like this before so it's a start I guess.

Thanks again for the comments, appreciate it.

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