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Re: Site Updates

Post by g0blinish » Sun Jul 28, 2019 10:22 am

What are these^ ports of exactly?
Authors are unknown
or ... README.rst

If site are unavailable, grab here;

Program taken from Proxima Public Domain disk 3(Didaktik Scalica).
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Re: Site Updates

Post by PeterJ » Wed Aug 07, 2019 7:23 pm

Latest update. Thanks as always to @Einar Saukas, @R-Tape, the scanning supremo who is @pavero and @druellan for going through and reviewing all those updates.

Nice work by @Vampyre who has now completed work on 'Personal Computer Games', so all those review are included. Also @Daren for more and more quality walkthroughs from
New Entries:
MZ 700 Demo Part 1
MZ 700 Demo Part 2
Promo 19
Va (1K Intro)
From out of the snow
Dead End

Additional files:
Updated files for Cosmito en Imperio Cobra. Thanks Nat
Egghead 4 ULA snow bugfix. Thanks @Ast A. Moore
Missing snapshot of Kon. Thanks @8BitAG
New TZX for Lode Runner. Thanks @goodboy
Fixed Side 1 of this CRASH compilation (St Dragon bugfix)
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Re: Site Updates

Post by pavero » Thu Aug 08, 2019 10:08 pm

[MicroStyle+Mindscape+Destiny inlays]
BoulderDashConstructionKit.jpg (Cassette inlay)
CaptainPlanet_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
CaptainPlanet_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
DaysOfThunder.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Diamond.jpg (Cassette inlay)
FiendishFreddysBigTopOFun_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
FiendishFreddysBigTopOFun_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
OrientalGames_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
OrientalGames_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
OrientalGames_Poster.jpg (Poster)
OrientalGames_Poster_2.jpg (Poster)
Paperboy2_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Paperboy2_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
PilotAttack.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RickDangerous2_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RickDangerous2_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RickDangerous2_Poster.jpg (Poster)
RickDangerous_Poster.jpg (Poster)
SpyVsSpyII-TheIslandCaper.jpg (Cassette inlay)
SpyVsSpyTrilogy.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
StuntCarRacer_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
StuntCarRacer_Back_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
StuntCarRacer_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
StuntCarRacer_Front_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Teladon.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Xenophobe_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Xenophobe_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Yeti.jpg (Cassette inlay)

BruceLee(fixed) (Tape image)
(corrupted graphics fixed in one room)
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Re: Site Updates

Post by PeterJ » Sun Aug 25, 2019 4:33 pm

The latest ZXDB update has been applied. Thanks as always to those who contributed.
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Re: Site Updates

Post by R-Tape » Sun Aug 25, 2019 7:54 pm

PeterJ wrote:
Sun Aug 25, 2019 4:33 pm
Thanks as always to those who contributed.
Apologies to anyone still waiting for new software, Frankie's MIA or PROSM's type ins—they're for me to do and I'm otherwise occupied at the moment. Will get on to them soon :D
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Re: Site Updates

Post by Alessandro » Sun Aug 25, 2019 8:05 pm

I removed that annoying ULA Plus code from a number of titles:
  • Lost In My Spectrum
  • Apulija-13
  • Al's Double Bill
  • Sophia
  • Sophia II
Others will follow. Do you wish me to send you the tape/disk image files individually packed as .ZIPs as I previously did?

Note: Anyone who wishes to download the new files for use with their ZX Vega, ZX-Uno etc. can do it from my website since they are already available there.
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