Discussion on Site Advertising

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Re: Discussion on Site Advertising

Post by PQR »

I agree with the majority of comments here -- adverts are intrusive and I'd be happy to continue to donate to avoid any financial reasons to implement them.

Next to that I don't like adverts for another reason: tracking.
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Re: Discussion on Site Advertising

Post by cmal »

I'm on board with no advertising unless it's absolutely necessary. This is the only site I visit which is ad-free and it's pure bliss!
I'm happy to donate and especially when it's needed, and thanks for sharing this topic.
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Re: Discussion on Site Advertising

Post by p13z »

I would / will pledge a donation to keep ads out of here. Sites like this are a nice escape from, and antidote to, social media and the rest of the crap on the web these days.
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Re: Discussion on Site Advertising

Post by toot_toot »

If it’s a decent company focused on retro products, then I don’t see the problem with sponsored content or small adverts. Advertising isn’t all evil and if it’s going to help keep a retro focused company going, then it’s a “good thing” in my opinion.
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Re: Discussion on Site Advertising

Post by Einar Saukas »

For me, I wouldn't mind advertising if it was just a thin static banner at the top that takes you elsewhere if you click on it.

But I would hate an intrusive animated banner trying to steal my attention from the actual site content...

Anyway this is just my opinion, the decision is not mine. Although I have been helping with site development occasionally, I'm neither an admin or moderator here, so this is not my call. :)
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Re: Discussion on Site Advertising

Post by NickH »

From current experience, I get MUCH more via a Ko-Fi link than from ads (ads provided by Google) - and the money is from fans who want to give you money, rather than indirectly from fans you're imposing ads on. It depends what your objective is - do you want to subsidise the website, or do you want to support companies selling retro stuff? I'm re-developing one of my websites and seriously thinking of dropping ads entirely and switching over to just Ko-Fi.
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Re: Discussion on Site Advertising

Post by 1024MAK »

I would prefer that the whole site continues to be advertisement free.

Sponsorship is slightly different, but in some ways, this decision is harder to make, as sponsorship can work both ways. It may help a company that supports our hobby. And if they include links to Spectrum Computing, the site may have both an additional source of income and may pick up more visitors and forum members.

However, it would have to be carefully done. As others have said, tasteful and reasonably sized banners (as one possible example). Not moving or flashing images (regardless of which form).

I’ve contributed money to the site before, and am happy to do so again. I would rather the money flow directly from me to the site rather than via a company and an advertising agency. May as well cut out the middle(wo)men.

Although I am very good at ignoring adverts generally. So it is very uncommon for me to actually read / view / watch / listen to an advert and then buy the product or service that was being advertised. But there must be plenty of people who do respond to adverts, otherwise companies wouldn’t do it...

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