Donkey Kong 3 in development for Spectrum

People are still making stuff for the Sinclair related machines. Tell us about new games and other software that runs on the Spectrum, ZX80/ZX81, Pentagon and Next.
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Donkey Kong 3 in development for Spectrum

Post by Ralf » Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:07 pm

Another day, another new game being developed for Spectrum :) I spotted it on another forum and decided to share my discovery here/

You may actually missed it but there are 3 classic Donkey Kong games for arcade machines:

-original Donkey Kong
-Donkey Kong Junior
-Donkey Kong 3

The last one is actually the least known. It feature some Stanley the Bugman who didn't make a career like Kong or Mario and this is his only game.
You can check the arcade version here:

And now it looks like there is a chance for a Spectrum port:

I found an information that it's made by Allan Turvey who quite recently made game called Terrapins for Spectrum: ... emake.html

That's all we know at the moment, maybe one day the author himself will join this topic :)
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Re: Donkey Kong 3 in development for Spectrum

Post by Juan F. Ramirez » Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:25 am

Looks good.

I can't understand why such a funny arcade did't get a Spectrum conversion back in the day by any of the great companies.
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