Old Tape Collection few uMIAs

Whether it's Mire Mare or a BASIC tape you found in the attic, it needs to be preserved digitally. Post here and experts can help to do so.
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Old Tape Collection few uMIAs

Post by TomD » Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:29 pm

Have been going through my Dad's old C15s and found a few uMIAs. I've posted these on the Sinclair Software Preservation Facebook site but it would be good to have them catalogued on this site as well especally as WoS hasn't been updated for years.

Seems that a lot of these were downloaded from Micronet or Telsoft back in the 80s and are of type in quality but some could have been commercial releases such as SquareDance. If you are ok to upload just let me know and I'll send the files.

uMIAs which could have been released but unsure
  • CassetteInsertPrinter(1983)(RACarrey) - Neat little tape Inlay printer
  • CharacterDesign(SpectraSoft) & Superchar(1984)(SpectraSoft) - Two font designers from Spectra Soft, most of their stuff is listed as MIA on WoS
  • MicronRXv5(1985)(DiamonDesignComputerSystems) - BBS Software
  • MicroPrimerSoftwarePack3(1983)(MicroelectronicsEducationProgramme) - Marked as MIA on WoS, unsure if complete and CatNMouse is broken (big hole in the recording)
  • Outlet57 Tape - The original Outlet No.057 written on it but contents do not correspond to the listing on WoS which also states it is disk only. Each tape has two programs which extract contents to a blank +3 Disk. Side A is 3DOS programs and Side B is CPM programs. None match the listing on WoS for Outlet 57 so not sure
  • SquareDance(1984)(CCS) - Nice puzzle game from Cases Computer Simulations Ltd who later did Arnhem & Desert Rats strategy games

Couple of Quill Adventures, these are .sna as the tapes were Microdrive backups
  • Snowdrop(A&PBroadhurst)
  • MexicanAdventure(A&PBroadhurst)

  • 128ColourSpectrum(RJCoats)
  • 15Puzzle(1982)(WGDavies)
  • BeyondtheEightColours(DCooper)
  • Chanja(Telsoft) - Strange animation/morphing utility
  • MicrodriveLowloader(PJTester)
  • PSSComms(1984)(SteveGold)
  • Spectron3(1983)(GaryMiller&MarkPocknall) - Different to the one on WoS
  • SpectrumMonitor(Unknown) - Different to the one on WoS
  • TimeTell(KBarton)
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Re: Old Tape Collection few uMIAs

Post by PeterJ » Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:43 pm

Hi @TomD

Thanks for posting. Could you mail them to spectrumcomputing@outlook.com or just share them via Dropbox or similar. Many thanks in advance.
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