MIA: Masterfile-16 - Campbell Systems

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MIA: Masterfile-16 - Campbell Systems

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Full Title: Masterfile-16 (Masterfile ver 01)
Also known as:
Year: 1982
Company: Campbell Systems
Machine Type: ZX Spectrum 16K
Re-released by:
Originally released by:
Author(s): John A. Campbell
Type: Utility: Database/Filing
Message Language: English
Upload includes: TZX file of program
Source: NOT from original tape
Filetype: TZX
Reason for Upload: MIA
Note: It doesn't mention Masterfile-16 anywhere, but as its version 01, and the loader is called MF16K I suppose its the MIA program Masterfile-16 :-)

DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r1uaa4odako6r ... 6.zip?dl=0
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