Some Polish educational titles

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Some Polish educational titles

Post by Ralf » Sun Sep 30, 2018 9:31 am

I'll continue to upload my MIA stuff.

These time it will be some Polish educational programs. Tzxed personally by myself ;), inlays included

The download:


The publisher for all of them seems to be Polsoft, that's the name they use on the labels ... l_id=11575

Yet on loading screens they use the same logo but the name Intersoft. I'm not sure about it, maybe should be classified as an alias???

So the titles are:

1. Dopasowanie wielomianowe
Author: Piotr Bala
Price: 2500 zl

2. Test E (inlay title)
Alias: Elektrostatyka (test) (load screen title)
Author: Tomasz Wisniowski
Price: 2250 zl

3. Przekroje
Author: M.Majchrowski
Year: 1987
Price:2500 zl
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