uMIA : some utilities 1

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uMIA : some utilities 1

Post by Ralf » Tue Jun 05, 2018 8:03 pm

I suppose it will be boring for everybody but I started so I'd like to finish ;)

Here are some Tr-Dos based uMia utilities. More to come:


1. Esperanto
Not really an Esperanto tutor, rather a collection of historical facts, info and loose thoughts.
2 parts, first part requires 48kB mode, at Pentagon start menu choose 48 Basic, type RANDOMIZE USR 15616 to enter Tr-Dos
in 48kB mode and type RUN "ESPERANT", 2nd part works normally from autostart

Genre: Educational
Language: Russian
Author I.V. Simonov

2. Floppy Format
The title says it all I guess ;) Advertises as better than competition

Genre: Utility I/O Handling
Language: Russian
Author: Ivan Roshin ... el_id=6400
Year: unknown

3. IBM File Viewer

I guess it reads on Spectrum with 5.25 or 3.5 floppy drive, diskettes written on PC

Genre: Utility I/O Handling
Language: Russian/ English
Author: Michael Markovsky
Year: 1993

4. IBM Format
Some another tool for PC-Spectrum data exchange on floppies

Genre: Utility I/O Handling
Language: Russian
Author: Vladimir Eliseev
Publisher: Pentcraft
Year: 1993

The download (programs an screenshots for adding to database):
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Re: uMIA : some utilities 1

Post by zxbruno » Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:48 am

Interesting. A few years ago I read that Dom Morris wrote software so PlusD owners could work with MS-Dos-formatted disks, but it was not freeware. I wonder if this does the same thing.
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