Sinclair & Sam Computing Issue 5

Whether it's Mire Mare or a BASIC tape you found in the attic, it needs to be preserved digitally. Post here and experts can help to do so.
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Sinclair & Sam Computing Issue 5

Post by damieng » Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:22 am

Just managed to get this scanned in (at 600dpi) and converted into a PDF.

The cleaned-up JPG files for each page are zipped up into!BIo3SbTI!0VwmYJfSBE2C ... FRcy_jR9U8

Alternatively a PDF of Issue 5 is available at!4c4VFAAb!3G0e1UurpGwP ... Axz0qeNF8I

Issues 1-4 are on WOS although 1-3 have some missing pages and are all marked as low-resolution so I might re-do them.

Also have some issues of the predecessor S&SC - +3 Contact - none of which are currently online (annoying I was hoping to find the issues I don't have).

Have some more MIA bits I'm going through - will post them up separately.

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