Zyhtum instructions

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Zyhtum instructions

Post by Ralf » Mon Aug 20, 2018 7:16 pm

In an another thread it was pointed that ZXDB and Spectrum Computing could use Zythum English instructions and complete inlay:


Okay, so here it is, as promised:

Packed as .zip file fro the archive:

and directly here if you want to see it NOW :) :

Code: Select all

Programmed by David O'Connor

The program is for minimum 48K Spectrum microcomputers. Side B is a repeat recording of Side A. The game can be played
with keyboard or joystick, and the program is compatible with Kempston joystick interface. The keys can be redefined for use
with the Sinclair interface or keyboard.

LOADING: Type LOAD "" and press ENTER
         Press PLAY on the cassette recorder

The Zythum is a magical drink which, when imbibed, generates unknown powers. It lies hidden in the depths of a forbidding
castle, which can only be reached by crossing four extremely hostile territories, each of which is guarded by custodians who
must be never allowed to touch you.	

You have 8 minutes to cross each land. If this time runs out, you will have failed in your quest and the game will end. If a
custodian gets you, you will lose one of your 3 lives.	 

Standard joystick movement controls apply. Light bombs are detonated using FIRE + DOWN

Left  Z
Right X
Jump  P
The height of your jump depends on the length of time you hold down the jump key; the higher you jump, the further you travel
Fire energy bolt     Space
Detonate light bomb  L
Hold(pause)          H
Quit                 Q
The keys can be redefined.

The screen shows you and your surroundings, and scrolls as you move. Beneath this is a map of the lands that you are in (two
on screen at any one time). Your position on the map is shown by an arrow and the time left in the current land is above it. Your
quota of light bombs is on the right, and lives on the left. You start out with three lives, extra lives are awarded for every 10,000
points scored. Your score and the current hi-score are shown at the top of the screen. Just belows the main screen area is a
message indicating which mode you are in (levitation, invisibility, or immunity), highlighted in green.

MAGICAL STAFF - fires energy bolts
LIGHT BOMB - kills any custodian ion the area. You start with 4, but you may find others around which you pick up to replenish
your dwindling arsenal. You can carry a maximum of 5.
CHALICE - gives power of temporary levitation
CROSS - temporary immunity against the custodians
MONEY BAGS - 1000 bonus points
TREASURE CHESTS - 2000 bonus points

There is a great deal of quicksand and a number of pits scattered about each level. You must jump across these. If you walk into
a marsh your feet will get stuck in the mire. Spring pools send you springing uncontrollably into the air. In the later stages, you
may also come across landmines which will explode if you step on them, and poisonous branches whose touch makes you invisible.

(c) 1986 by Mirrorsoft Ltd. The computer program contained in Zythum and its associated documentation and materials are protected by National
and International Copyright Law. Storage in a retrieval system, reproduction, translation, copying, hiring, lending, broadcasting and public
preformance are prohibited without the express written permission of Mirrorsoft Ltd. All rights
of author and owner are reserved worldwide.
Mirrorsoft Ltd, Headington Hill Hall, Oxford QX3 Q8W
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Re: Zyhtum instructions

Post by Juan F. Ramirez » Mon Aug 20, 2018 8:48 pm

When I was Cruel must be proud of you!


Seriously, thanks, Ralf!

I suppose it will be inclided in next ZXDB update, won't it, @PeterJ , @Einar Saukas , @R-Tape ?
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Re: Zyhtum instructions

Post by R-Tape » Tue Aug 21, 2018 7:00 am

Nice one Ralf.

Yep I hope I can get it collated in time for the next update.
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Re: Zyhtum instructions

Post by Ast A. Moore » Tue Aug 21, 2018 7:52 am

Ralf wrote:
Mon Aug 20, 2018 7:16 pm

Code: Select all

LOADING: Type LOAD "" and press ENTER
         Press PLAY on the cassette recorder
Finally! I’ve been trying to figure it out for years! :cry:
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