Melkhior's Mansion Demo

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Melkhior's Mansion Demo

Post by PeterJ »

I would not normally post about PC games, but this is rather special.

There is a demo version available of the upcoming Melkhior's Mansion. There will be versions for the Next, Spectrum 128 and PC.

You can download an demo of the Windows version here:

It's portable so you don't need to install it, but do install the MS C++ Runtime which is in the dependencies folder.

The graphics of the Windows version have a lovely Spectrum feel:

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Re: Melkhior's Mansion Demo

Post by redballoon »

Glad you’re enjoying it, Peter! We’ve had such good feedback it’s been aces! Richard is currently looking at getting it on iOS and maybe, just maybe, there’s a small chance it could be making its way to the Nintendo Switch.
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