How to implement ULAcolours inside LaserSprites?

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How to implement ULAcolours inside LaserSprites?

Post by d2010 » Mon May 20, 2019 9:44 am

How to extend LaserBasic with ULA-colours inside Sprites?
Here i update the the "Old-Extender of Interepreter".You can use this for development DemoScene
as you wish.No more assembler-z80, You can use only Basic-S.
(Setvar "UcsOrg""LeftSide")
(Setvar "UcsIcon" "lisp2arx-Wave3d.The rightside do not contain ULA-colours.")

First Step. Extended Basic with LaserBasic or LaserCompile
Second Step. Re-Extended the Screen with New-Effect.
Third Step. No more z80-Assembler.
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