Create Spectrum Text Adventures with Adventuron Classroom

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Re: Create Spectrum Text Adventures with Adventuron Classroom

Post by 8BitAG » Wed Aug 07, 2019 2:48 pm

Ralf wrote:
Wed Aug 07, 2019 2:30 pm
And another thing. I like games for Zx Spectrum. I like this distinct look, clever taking attributes into account.
But a text game without graphics looks and feel exactly the same on all systems. It doesn't matter if it's Speccy, C64 or modern PC.
So even if you play it on Spectrum, it's exactly the same experience as you'd play it anywhere. And it makes a lot of charm go away for me.
I would completely disagree with this and say that they really, really don't (in a large amount of cases) feel exactly the same on all systems as they do on the Spectrum.

Text-only games can be, and often are, incredibly distinctive on the Spectrum. It's one of the only platforms that you can instantly pick out in a batch of screenshots. Particularly PAWed Spectrum text adventures which often feature unique coloured text compared to homegrown efforts elsewhere.

The amount of text on a line and the amount of text you can fit on a screen at once, not to mention memory restrictions, can greatly shape the form and content of a text adventure. There's a rhythm to the text. A different pace to the delivery on the Speccy, simply because of the screen resolution that you have access to using the homebrew tools. A Quilled or PAWed game is a completely different beast to something like an Infocom or Level 9 adventure. And a Spectrum-produced Quilled or PAWed game, if done well, is also very distinctive.

I've written (and ported) text adventure games across a whole host of 8-bit and 16-bit platforms. I've played, playtested and reviewed hundreds of 8-bit text adventures over the past thirty years or so. And I can firmly say, there is nothing quite the same as playing a text adventure on the ZX Spectrum. Spectrum homegrown text adventures lose something, imho, when they're ported onto other machines.

(Getting back to Adventuron... Chris has cleverly managed to capture a lot of the distinct Spectrum-ness so if you want to recreate a Spectrum-like game in that engine, you can.)
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Re: Create Spectrum Text Adventures with Adventuron Classroom

Post by ainslec » Wed Aug 07, 2019 6:28 pm

I'd certainly agree with 8BiTag that adventure games on the Spectrum have a unique feel, which I adore.

Dinosaur Island DX (on the Spectrum) to me is not just plain old text, it uses colour to draw attention to important details on the screen, and to make the game look more visually appealing without graphics. It'll never look as visually appealing as a game with (good) graphics, but text is not just text as much as a car is not just a car. The quality of the content, style, layout, and flow, is really important.

This converter doesn't carry across graphics because it's not a trivial task to carry bitmap graphics into PAW, as PAW never supported bitmap graphics back in the day (directly), only vector graphics. I'm not arguing against graphics in adventure either, after all the Adventuron version of Dinosaur Island DX and The Cave of Magic have them - and some of my favourite adventures had amazing graphics (Robin of Sherwood, Gremlins, The Famous Five).

If you want to write (and play) a game, on the Spectrum, with images, you can take the source code produced by Adventuron 2 PAW and splice it with some location graphics edited on PAW. Or just write in PAW proper, and use the graphics editor there.
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Re: Create Spectrum Text Adventures with Adventuron Classroom

Post by Morkin » Thu Aug 08, 2019 8:18 am

Re: the graphics discussions, I'm split on this. While I don't think they're necessary (Level 9's offerings came along oozing with atmosphere), I remember being excited by The Hobbit when I saw a new location graphic appear.

I also liked the Speccy styled graphics of Dinosaur Island (which is pretty good BTW). :)
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