SpecBAS 0.970 now available!

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SpecBAS 0.970 now available!

Post by ZXDunny » Fri Sep 27, 2019 11:54 am

Ok, it's time for an update, and we're at 0.970 now! New for this update:

Huge amount of fixes in how numbers are printed, and how they're used in FOR NEXT loops - no more accumulated floating point errors!

The main menu has now been enabled in the editor, which should make life a little easier instead of having to remember commands for loading and saving etc. Note that not all of the menu is available yet - debugging is next on my list of features to add. Tools menu will be the last thing on the list (so if you can think of anything that needs to go on there, let me know).

And of course, there's loads more in the "What's New.txt" file should you feel adventurous.

Grab it here:
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