512x192 multicolour converter

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512x192 multicolour converter

Post by 4thRock » Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:22 am

Opening a new thread because this is very specific and has nothing to do with Basic.

To investigate what 512x192 multicolour would look like, I wrote a very basic image converter in JavaScript.
It takes an image, finds average color along a 32x1 area, and tries to match it to the available Timex Hires colors.
Average is not ideal, but for now that's I'm calculating :lol:

So I got this:

Limiting the "palette" to black/white and blue/yellow, it kind of works.
I guess that with special prepared image it could even look good.

In theory (as Einar mentioned on another thread) those areas don't need to be aligned.
So I'll try to add that to the converter and see how it looks :lol:

I have no knowledge of machine code, so I can't test if this mode is even possible :lol:
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