Bomb Munchies

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Bomb Munchies

Post by MatGubbins » Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:56 pm

Bomb Munchies
Version 1930 17th Nov 2017

Although I always kid myself that this will be the last update of this game, I take another look through my code and find something that can be rewritten to take less bytes, or make things faster. Then I get new ideas for things that can then be added in those spare bytes.

The last update had 20 spare bytes, I jiggled around with a few routines and got a few more and filled it with this lovely lot.

One extra frame of ticking bomb, now takes a fraction of a second longer for the bomb to explode and gives everyone that fraction of a second to run away.

New pick-up feature:
The Detonator: When a player collects it, all active bombs within the arena are detonated.
Bombs that are in the process of popping up from the arena floor are not affected.
If you see it, get in quick as it will survive for a short while, before being destroyed by the arena.
The Tryantulas can press the plunger too......

----Danger UXB----
- Small diamond graphic appears in the left status panel when the main diamond has been picked up.
- main diamond now has yellow background.

Keyboard/joystick setup page.
---- Multi-direction on/off ----
New option to have the diagonal input on/off with joystick and selected key inputs.
Player 1 press A
Player 2 press S
Player 3 press D
Player 4 press F
The screen will show either a 4-way arrow graphic or 8-way arrow graphic under the player character.

Due to keyboard conflicts (real and emulation) ASWDX and IJKLM are set to 4 way input only
- they will automatically switch to 4-way when selected. No 8-way movement for ASWDX or IJKLM.

Kempston, Sinclair, Fuller, QWERT and QAOPM/Space can have 4-way or 8-way input selected.

Note: the player does not move diagonally, it just registers a diagonal input and might make the game easier
for some people to play. The graphic will jump around when they are in a corner, this is perfectly normal.

If you want all 4 players on joysticks with multi-direction (8-way) on then it is best to use Sinclair 1 and 2 with Kempston 31.
For the forth player you will require:
a) COM-CON interface set up as QWERT, or just use QWERT on the keyboard. (Com-Con works with interface 48k, 128k, +2 grey only)
b) K-55 interface (see Joefish) - it is a modified Kempston interface.
c) Kempston 95 (see velesoft) - requires DivIDE with RTC interface.
d) Fuller interface - this may clash with the Kempston 31/K-55/Kempston 95 input though - be careful.

Remember to switch on the 8 way input for each player, if you want it.

-- Pause Game --
Now works on the intro/story screen of Tryantulas. I had coded it so that the game did not pause on this screen, however, I've moved the pause message up the screen and it now works.
Pressing 'G' pauses the game
'Y' quits to title screen
'N' returns to the game
'R' changes 2D / 3D mode.

Known bugs that have been around for ever.

Sprite layering - or my legs are above your head and they shouldn't be.
Yup, the game runs as fast as it can, draws sprites 1 to 8 in number order, when they should be re-ordered for how far they are down the screen. Tried to get it working, it did, but when 2 or more players were on the same tile it became a flashing mess with them all competing to be drawn first, last and everything.
So I've kept the old, faster version, It's currently something I can live with.

Player hitting Tryantula and showing a glitch in the lower part of the player graphic.
Yup, this is due to the routine wanting to show 24 bytes instead of 18. It's a pain, but it lasts for only one frame.

New bugs - hopefully there are no new bugs or pixels running around the screen.
If you do see any glitches, stupid things happening or other nastiness in the game that you think shouldn't be there then please let me know



Download is in my signature below.
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Bomb Munchies Ver1930 17th Nov 2017 (look for the blue download box ) If you get a time-out message and live in the UK then try after 9pm-3am.
Send me a PM and I can email it to you too. Kent, UK

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Re: Bomb Munchies

Post by RMartins » Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:25 pm

Would love to see those known bugs squashed :)

The re-ordering probably looked like a flashing mess because you eventually re-order them again on next frame, when they have the same Y value, which makes them swap depending on your algorithm.

To avoid this, if Y positions are the same keep their natural order (1 to 8), i.e. re-order (swap if required) the two with same Y, but based on their original ID. Next time you will not swap them, since they will be already in the correct natural order.

NOTE: this implies that you need to keep their natural ID.

An eventually faster alternative is to never swap when Y positions are identical.
However, this approach will not be deterministic, i.e. will not always show the same sprite when they overlap.
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