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Re: Site Updates

Post by PeterJ » Mon Feb 04, 2019 8:51 pm

Thanks @Einar Saukas

Post edited.
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Re: Site Updates

Post by pavero » Tue Feb 12, 2019 10:04 am

BTW, Hewson Consultants inlays were also added in the last update. ;-)

4thDimension_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
4thDimension_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
Astroclone.jpg (Cassette inlay)
AvalonDragontorc_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
AvalonDragontorc_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
Avalon.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Backgammon.jpg (Cassette inlay)
CeccoCollection_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
CeccoCollection_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
ChristmasCollection_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
ChristmasCollection_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
CitySlicker.jpg (Cassette inlay)
CountriesOfTheWorld.jpg (Cassette inlay)
CybernoidII-TheRevenge.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Cybernoid.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Di-LithiumLift.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Dragontorc.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Eliminator.jpg (Cassette inlay)
EveningStar.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Exolon.jpg (Cassette inlay)
FantasiaDiamond.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Firelord.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Firelord_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
FourSmashHits.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
Gunrunner.jpg (Cassette inlay)
HeathrowAirTrafficControl.jpg (Cassette inlay)
HeathrowInternationalAirTrafficControl.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Heatwave_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
Heatwave_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
Impossaball.jpg (Cassette inlay)
KnightDriver.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Lunattack3D.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Marauder.jpg (Cassette inlay)
MazeChase.jpg (Cassette inlay)
MazeMania.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Nebulus.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Netherworld.jpg (Cassette inlay)
NightfliteII.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Nightflite.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Nightflite_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Pyracurse.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Quazatron.jpg (Cassette inlay)
QuestAdventure.jpg (Cassette inlay)
QuestAdventure_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Ranarama.jpg (Cassette inlay)
SeiddabAttack3D.jpg (Cassette inlay)
SouthernBelle.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Space-Wars3D.jpg (Cassette inlay)
SpectralPanic.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Specvaders.jpg (Cassette inlay)
StormlordII-Deliverance_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
StormlordII-Deliverance_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Stormlord.jpg (Cassette inlay)
TechnicianTed-TheMegamix.jpg (Cassette inlay)
TechnicianTed.jpg (Cassette inlay)
UridiumFirelord.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
Uridium.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Uridium_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Zynaps.jpg (Cassette inlay)
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Re: Site Updates

Post by Juan F. Ramirez » Tue Feb 12, 2019 10:52 am


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Re: Site Updates

Post by druellan » Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:30 pm

BTW, just added Droid Buster by Ariel Endaraues (Jan 2019). Someone pointed out it was missing from the ZXDB.
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Re: Site Updates

Post by pavero » Sat Feb 16, 2019 4:42 pm

SC has been updated with the latest ZXDB update from @Einar Saukas.

And what's new? Deep breath ...

[Atlantis + Players Instructions]
Aquasquad(EN).txt (Instructions)
Battle-Field(EN).txt (Instructions)
CavernsOfKontonia(EN).txt (Instructions)
ColditzStoryThe(EN).txt (Instructions)
JockAndTheTimeRings(EN).txt (Instructions)
MovingTarget(EN).txt (Instructions)
MutantFortress(EN).txt (Instructions)
OneOnOne(EN).txt (Instructions)
Outlaw(EN).txt (Instructions)
RaceThe(EN).txt (Instructions)
Snooker3D(EN).txt (Instructions)
Spooked(EN).txt (Instructions)
StreetCredBoxing(EN).txt (Instructions)
StreetCredFootball(EN).txt (Instructions)
SuperLeague(EN).txt (Instructions)
Thing(EN).txt (Instructions)
TurboCup(TurboCupChallenge)(PlayersPremier)(EN).txt (Instructions)
TurboKartRacer(EN).txt (Instructions)

[Sinclair Research Instructions]
BeyondBASIC(EN).pdf (Instructions)
Bodyswop(EN).pdf (Instructions)
Cargo(EN).pdf (Instructions)
CattellIQTest(EN).pdf (Instructions)
ChessTutor1(EN).pdf (Instructions)
Flippit(EN).pdf (Instructions)
Glider(EN).pdf (Instructions)
LearnToRead1(EN).pdf (Instructions)
LearnToRead2(EN).pdf (Instructions)
LearnToRead3(EN).pdf (Instructions)
LearnToRead4(EN).pdf (Instructions)
LearnToRead5(EN).pdf (Instructions)
Magnets(EN).pdf (Instructions)
MusicMaster(EN).pdf (Instructions)
PrintUtilities(EN).pdf (Instructions)
SmallBusinessAccounts(EN).pdf (Instructions)

[Hewson Consultants Inlay]
JoystickThunder_back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
JoystickThunder_front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)

MazeDeathRally-X.jpg (Cassette inlay)
OrderOfMazesThe.jpg (Cassette inlay)

[AriolasoftUK inlays]
Archon.jpg (Cassette inlay)
CamelotWarriors(AriolasoftUK).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
OneOnOne.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Panzadrome.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RealmOfImpossibility.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Skyfox.jpg (Cassette inlay)
TerrorsOfTrantossThe.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Think.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Toadrunner.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Tujad.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Valkyrie17(AriolasoftUK).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)

[Imagine Software inlays]
AhDiddums.jpg (Cassette inlay)
AhDiddums_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Alchemist.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Alchemist_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Arcadia.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Arkanoid-RevengeOfDoh.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Arkanoid.jpg (Cassette inlay)
ArmyMoves(ImagineSoftware).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
Athena.jpg (Cassette inlay)
BCBill.jpg (Cassette inlay)
BCBill_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
CosmicCruiser.jpg (Cassette inlay)
CosmicCruiser_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
DragonNinja.jpg (Cassette inlay)
FernandoMartinBasketMaster(BasketMaster)(ImagineSoftware).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
FreddyHardest(ImagineSoftware).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
Galivan-CosmoPolice.jpg (Cassette inlay)
GameOver(ImagineSoftware).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
GreenBeret.jpg (Cassette inlay)
GuerrillaWar.jpg (Cassette inlay)
HyperSports.jpg (Cassette inlay)
JumpingJack.jpg (Cassette inlay)
JumpingJack_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
KonamisArcadeCollection_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
KonamisArcadeCollection_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
KonamisCoin-OpHits.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
KonamisCoin-OpHits_2.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
KonamisGolf.jpg (Cassette inlay)
KonamisTennis.jpg (Cassette inlay)
LegendOfKage.jpg (Cassette inlay)
MagMax.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Mikie.jpg (Cassette inlay)
MolarMaul.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Movie.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Pedro.jpg (Cassette inlay)
PingPong.jpg (Cassette inlay)
PsychoSoldier.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Rastan.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RenegadeIII.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Renegade.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Salamander(ImagineSoftware).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
Schizoids.jpg (Cassette inlay)
SlapFight.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Stonkers.jpg (Cassette inlay)
SuperSoccer.jpg (Cassette inlay)
TaitoCoin-OpHits_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
TaitoCoin-OpHits_Front_2.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
TargetRenegade.jpg (Cassette inlay)
TerraCresta.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Typhoon.jpg (Cassette inlay)
VictoryRoad.jpg (Cassette inlay)
VindicatorThe.jpg (Cassette inlay)
WECLeMans_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
WECLeMans_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
WorldSeriesBaseball.jpg (Cassette inlay)
WorldSeriesBasketball.jpg (Cassette inlay)
YieArKung-Fu2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
YieArKung-Fu.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Zip-Zap.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Zzoom.jpg (Cassette inlay)

[Monument Microgames inlays]
BalachorsRevenge_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
CastleCapers.jpg (Cassette inlay)
CatacombsOfBalachor_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
CatacombsOfBalachor.jpg (Cassette inlay)
CatacombsOfBalachor_Poster.jpg (Poster)
Circuitry.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Cray5(MonumentMicrogames).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
DeathPit(MonumentMicrogames).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
DoomPit.jpg (Cassette inlay)
ElStompo.jpg (Cassette inlay)
EFMB-EndlessFormsMostBeautiful(MonumentMicrogames).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
ForestRaiderCherry(MonumentMicrogames).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
FutureLooter(MonumentMicrogames).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
GameAboutSquares.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Genesis-DawnOfANewDay(MonumentMicrogames)_Front.jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
Genesis-DawnOfANewDay(MonumentMicrogames)_Back.jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
Genesis-DawnOfANewDay_MonumentMicrogames_Poster.jpg (Poster)
LalaPrologue(MonumentMicrogames).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
LosAmoresDeBrunilda(MonumentMicrogames).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
MetalManReloaded(MonumentMicrogames).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
MultiDude(MonumentMicrogames).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
Phaeton(MonumentMicrogames).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
SamMallard(MonumentMicrogames).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
SetoTaishoSpecialEdition.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
SirAbabol(MonumentMicrogames).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
TeodoroNoSabeVolar(MonumentMicrogames).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
TraxtorandReturnofTraxtor.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
ZombieCalaveraPrologue(MonumentMicrogames)_Back.jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
ZombieCalaveraPrologue(MonumentMicrogames)_Front.jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)

[Ocean Software inlays]
100Dynamite_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
100Dynamite_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
2Hot2Handle_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
2Hot2Handle_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
AddamsFamilyThe_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
AddamsFamilyThe_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
AdidasChampionshipFootball_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
AdidasChampionshipFootball_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
AdidasChampionshipTie-Break_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
AdidasChampionshipTie-Break_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Arcadia_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
Armageddon.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Batman-TheCapedCrusader_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Batman-TheCapedCrusader_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Batman-TheMovie_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Batman-TheMovie_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Batman.jpg (Cassette inlay)
BattleCommand_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
BattleCommand_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
BattleStations_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
BizThe_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
BizThe_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
Cabal.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Cavelon.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Chartbusters.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
ChaseHQII-SpecialCriminalInvestigation.jpg (Cassette inlay)
ChaseHQII-SpecialCriminalInvestigation_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
ChaseHQII-SpecialCriminalInvestigation_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
ChaseHQ_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
ChaseHQ_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
ChineseJuggler.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Cobra.jpg (Cassette inlay)
CombatSchool.jpg (Cassette inlay)
ConflictCommand.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
CosmicWartoad.jpg (Cassette inlay)
DaleyThompsonsDecathlon.jpg (Cassette inlay)
DaleyThompsonsDecathlon_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
DaleyThompsonsOlympicChallenge_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
DaleyThompsonsOlympicChallenge_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
DaleyThompsonsSupertest48.jpg (Cassette inlay)
DaleyThompsonsSupertest48_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
DarkForce_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
Darkman_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Darkman_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
DiggerDan.jpg (Cassette inlay)
DixonsPremierCollectionForYour2_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
DonkeyKong.jpg (Cassette inlay)
DonkeyKong_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
DoubleTake.jpg (Cassette inlay)
DreamTeamThe_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
DreamTeamThe_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
EskimoEddie.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Firefly.jpg (Cassette inlay)
FrankieGoesToHollywood_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
FrankieGoesToHollywood_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Frenzy(Robotics)(OceanSoftware).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
GameSetAndMatch2_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
GameSetAndMatch2_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
GameSetAndMatch_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
GameSetAndMatch_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
GiftFromTheGods_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
GiftFromTheGods_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
GilligansGold.jpg (Cassette inlay)
GreatEscapeThe.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Gryzor.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Gutz.jpg (Cassette inlay)
HeadOverHeels.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Highlander.jpg (Cassette inlay)
HollywoodCollection_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
HollywoodCollection_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
HollywoodFeaturingBatmanTheUntouchables_1.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
HollywoodFeaturingBatmanTheUntouchables_2.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
HollywoodFeaturingBatmanTheUntouchables_3.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
HudsonHawk_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
HudsonHawk_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Hunchback-TheAdventure.jpg (Cassette inlay)
HunchbackII.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Hunchback.jpg (Cassette inlay)
InCrowdThe_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
InCrowdThe_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
InternationalMatchDay.jpg (Cassette inlay)
ItsAKnockout.jpg (Cassette inlay)
KnightRider.jpg (Cassette inlay)
KongStrikesBack.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Kong.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Kong_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
LaserBasic.jpg (Cassette inlay)
LaserCompiler.jpg (Cassette inlay)
LaserGenius.jpg (Cassette inlay)
LiveAction_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
LiveAction_Front_2.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
LiveAction_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
LiveAction_Back_2.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
Madballs_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Madballs_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
MagnificentSevenThe_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
MagnificentSevenThe_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
Mailstrom.jpg (Cassette inlay)
MarioBros.jpg (Cassette inlay)
MarioBros_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
MatchDayII.jpg (Cassette inlay)
MatchDay.jpg (Cassette inlay)
MegaMix_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
MegaMix_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
MiamiVice.jpg (Cassette inlay)
MidnightResistance_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
MidnightResistance_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
MoonAlert.jpg (Cassette inlay)
MrWimpy.jpg (Cassette inlay)
MrWimpy_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Mutants.jpg (Cassette inlay)
NARC_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
NARC_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
NavySEALs_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
NavySEALs_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
NeverEndingStoryThe.jpg (Cassette inlay)
NeverEndingStoryThe_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
NewZealandStoryThe.jpg (Cassette inlay)
NightBreed_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
NightBreed_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
NightmareRally.jpg (Cassette inlay)
NinjaCollection_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
NinjaCollection_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
NOMAD.jpg (Cassette inlay)
OceansGreatestHits.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
OperationThunderbolt_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
OperationThunderbolt_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
OperationWolf.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Pang_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Pang_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
PhantomClub.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Platoon_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Platoon_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Plotting.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Pogo.jpg (Cassette inlay)
PowerUp_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
PowerUp_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
PudPud.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Puzznic_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Puzznic_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RainbowCollection_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
RainbowCollection_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
RainbowIslands_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RainbowIslands_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RainbowIslands_Front_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RainbowIslands_Back_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RamboIII.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Rambo.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RedHeat.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RoadRace(OceanSoftware).jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
RoboCop2_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RoboCop2_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RoboCop2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RoboCop3_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RoboCop3_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RoboCop_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RoboCop_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RolandsRatRace.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RoyalBirkdale-ChampionshipGolf.jpg (Cassette inlay)
RunTheGauntlet.jpg (Cassette inlay)
ScreenHeroes.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
ShadowWarriors_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
ShadowWarriors_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
ShortCircuit.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Simpsons-BartVsTheSpaceMutantsThe_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Simpsons-BartVsTheSpaceMutantsThe_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
SlySpy-SecretAgent_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
SlySpy-SecretAgent_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
SmashTV_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
SmashTV_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
SpaceGun_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
SpaceGun_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
SpecialAction_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
SpecialAction_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
StarsOnThe128K.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
StreetHawk.jpg (Cassette inlay)
StreetHawk_2.jpg (Cassette inlay)
SuperBowl.jpg (Cassette inlay)
SuperFighter_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
SuperFighter_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
Tai-Pan.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Tank.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Terminator2-JudgementDay_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Terminator2-JudgementDay_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
TopGun.jpg (Cassette inlay)
TotalRecall_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
TotalRecall_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
TransformersThe.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Transversion.jpg (Cassette inlay)
UntouchablesThe_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
UntouchablesThe_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
V.jpg (Cassette inlay)
WeAreTheChampions_Front.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
WeAreTheChampions_Back.jpg (Compilation cassette inlay)
WhereTimeStoodStill.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Wizball.jpg (Cassette inlay)
WWFWrestleMania_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
WWFWrestleMania_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)

[Psytronik Software inlays]
Hyperkill.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Robot1POD.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Robot1SOD.jpg (Cassette inlay)
SQIJ2018.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Vallation128K.jpg (Cassette inlay)

AbbayeDesMorts(RetroWorks)_Front.jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
AbbayeDesMorts(RetroWorks)_Back.jpg (Re-release cassette inlay)
Cray5_English_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
GommyDefensorMedieval_Front.png (Cassette inlay)
GommyDefensorMedieval_Back.png (Cassette inlay)
TheCharm.jpg (Cassette inlay)
TheSwordOfIANNA_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
TheSwordOfIANNA_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)

[Titus inlays]
CrazyCarsII.jpg (Cassette inlay)
CrazyCars.jpg (Cassette inlay)
DickTracy_Front.jpg (Cassette inlay)
DickTracy_Back.jpg (Cassette inlay)
FireAndForget.jpg (Cassette inlay)
KnightForce.jpg (Cassette inlay)
Titan.jpg (Cassette inlay)
WildStreets.jpg (Cassette inlay)
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Re: Site Updates

Post by Juan F. Ramirez » Sat Feb 16, 2019 4:46 pm

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Hank Scorpio
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Re: Site Updates

Post by Hank Scorpio » Sat Feb 16, 2019 4:47 pm

Blimey, how long did that lot take to scan and upload?
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Re: Site Updates

Post by pavero » Sat Feb 16, 2019 5:42 pm

Hank Scorpio wrote:
Sat Feb 16, 2019 4:47 pm
Blimey, how long did that lot take to scan and upload?
It’s not about scanning and uploading only. But mostly about resizing, resampling, cutting out, renaming, recolouring, removing defects and much more. :-D
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Re: Site Updates

Post by PeterJ » Sat Feb 16, 2019 6:29 pm

Thank you @pavero. You are a legend.
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Re: Site Updates

Post by druellan » Sat Feb 16, 2019 7:26 pm

Wow, awesome job!
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Un buen día me puse a probar juegos de ZX Spectrum a ciegas en Youtube, terminó siendo:
📺 Retroarqueología en Youtube

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