Specchum's read a book, pass it on.

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Re: Specchum's read a book, pass it on.

Post by Joefish » Mon Jun 03, 2019 10:31 am

I was really impressed with Algis Budrys' 'Rogue Moon'. It's about exploring the moon (pre-Apollo) by using a crude teleporting device, and goes into all the issues of teleporter-as-copier, along with some genuinely weird and unknowable geometry.

I can't remember which 'classic' author I tried to read recently, but the misogny involved was properly outrageous.

I always get disappointed by authors that have a brilliant breakthrough novel, or one great one that you like, then you find everything else they wrote was garbage. Modern ones like Michael Marshall Smith ('Only Forward'), Ernest Kline ('Ready Player One') and Peter F. Hamilton (in this case 'Pandora's Star' and 'Judas Unchained' were brilliant, as were some side-stories set in the same 'Commonwealth Saga' reality, but the 'Night's Dawn' trilogy that came before, and the 'Void Trilogy' stuff that came after were atrocious. Nice writing, but ludicrous plots).
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