New Spectrum ports for TI99/4A!

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New Spectrum ports for TI99/4A!

Post by Pegaz » Wed May 15, 2019 11:36 am

Let's see some great Spectrum ports for TI99/4a.
Interestingly, TI99/4a has the same resolution (256x192) as Spectrum and that is another reason why these conversions are so faithful.
However, the greatest credit for these games goes to the fantastic programmer Rasmus Moustgaard, who has made the most of the best TI99 games in the past few years.
Sabre Wulf is a particularly good, perhaps the best version I've played, Knight Lore is somewhat slower but very well done as well as the Pyjamarama and Jet Set Willy, which are also great. :)

and Jet Pac, from different author, programmed in Turbo Forth:
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