Spectrum namedrops...

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Re: Spectrum namedrops...

Post by R-Tape »

Neat (and a shame). It sounds like she went some way to improving the workplace atmosphere at least.

While I've got you - I'm sure LoveFilm owed me a disc in the post before it shut up shop, I had 'La Famille Belier' on my high priority list. Could you look into it please?
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Re: Spectrum namedrops...

Post by PaulJ »

I used to work in a computer shop in Harrogate and for a while was friendly with Ed Hickman. He wrote a few DK Tronics games like Appple Jam and Zig Zag (and some Amiga titles too) He had a rather nice Porsche!.

Also in the shop on a regular basis were the Twighlight boys (also called Atronic and some others!). They wrote Mega Twins and DNA Warrior for the Speccy, amongst others - possibly even WWF?? (and some Amiga games..)

Top Fact: The initial high scores on Elf (the Amiga Game) included several initials, one being PJ - which was me!! They told me they would add me for giving them good deals and letting them use my NEC Multisync 3D monitor to test Alfred Chicken for the Gameboy.
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Re: Spectrum namedrops...

Post by gasman »

Some time around 2005 I took part in a hackathon in London where you had to build and present a tech project over the course of a weekend. I ended up teaming up with a couple of folks who were building a website called UNdemocracy, which scraped the PDF-ridden UN website and presented the information in searchable form. It was only after the event that I realised one of them was Julian Todd of Fat Worm Blows A Sparky fame...
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Re: Spectrum namedrops...

Post by 5MinuteRetro »

Sounds a bit daft but I've literally just remembered that one of my good mates in the late 80s/early 90s was Fred O'Rourke: https://spectrumcomputing.co.uk/index.php?cat=999. I remember one weekend heading up north somewhere with him to visit the offices of Teque. I was pretty awestruck by the presence of Peter Harrap and Shaun Hollingworth. They probably thought I was a bit odd.

We parted ways when he headed somewhere up north and I headed to London. I tried to contact him a couple of times since but came to nothing. Perhaps he thought I was a bit odd too. :shock:

Ho hum!
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