ZX Spectrum ROM Cartridge + Interfaces from Quazar

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ZX Spectrum ROM Cartridge + Interfaces from Quazar

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While known for being so dedicated to the SAM Coupe, having been developing for it for over 26 years, I have ventured more into the ZX Spectrum domain having become fascinated by the (failed?) ZX ROM cartridges last year!

So, last year I designed and built an interface (ZX-ECUTOR) to allow them to work on the SAM Coupe, but this year followed that up with some ZX Spectrum goodies.

In April this year, I released a 16 bank ZX ROM cartridge, based around a flash memory chip. This lets you store sixteen 16K ROM images which are selected by a rotary control. Plugs into your Interface 2, RAM Turbo, Kempston Pro interfaces, anything that gives the ZX Spectrum a ROM slot. It's preloaded with two games by Radastan, 'Mag the Magician' and 'Dead Space' with his permission. To add more, it can be written to on the SAM via the ZX-ECUTOR, but it's not possible to write to on the ZX Spectrum itself - however the chip can be removed and programmed via an EPROM programmer.

More info/ordering of the 16 Bank ROM Cart -> https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114195654648

In May, I released a small interface to add a ROM slot to any ZX Spectrum, with a switch to select the model so the /ROMCS lines are handled correctly so it works from the 16k up to the +3, and also on the Next.

More info/ordering of the ROM Slot Interface -> https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114240952078


The black interface is the ZX-ECUTOR, to use ZX ROM Cartridges on the SAM Coupe -> https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114006863743
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