JetPac RX

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Re: JetPac RX

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It's looking super cool and very smooth! Looking forward to future updates. Great job!
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Re: JetPac RX

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BloodBaz wrote:
Wed Jul 29, 2020 11:07 pm
I spent many hours last year advancing the disassembly and annotation of Atic Atac but I'm in a quandry about the legalities of making the disassembly public domain. As you started with a disassembly of JetPac, can you advise me on if I should be allowed to push Atic Atak disassembly onto GitHub or similar?
i believe that if you will clearly say that the code is not your own, but a disassebly, there should be no problems. i also think that you should legally own the game, but IANAL. i mean, distribution rights for Ultimate games are unclear, so you'd better have your own.
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Re: JetPac RX

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Jetpac dissassembly is not available online, however there is a skoolkit file which allows you to create a dissassembly if you have an original rom, this is how it is possible to share it legally, because it can only be made it you have the actual rom itself, and by that I mean the cartridge rom.
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