AY and 128k transfers

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AY and 128k transfers

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I've been peeking into different transfers for a time, and I was wondering if there is any transfer that has "full" 128k support.

- Transtape, Hilow, Dinamid 3, Specmate, Phoenix and Multiface 1 only supports 48k.
- Multiface 128 and Ramjet +2 are able to save 128k snapshots, but don't save/restore AY registers.
- I haven't checked Disciple and Multiface +3... both don't save "standalone" (i.e.: taps that can be loaded in any spectrum) snapshots.
- I've got a ROM for 007... but it seems damaged/scrambled (does anyone have that ROM or knows if it is scrambled?).

Does anyone knows if there is a transfer that supported 128k and saved the AY registers?

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