Load'n'Run fixes

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Load'n'Run fixes

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Adding missing Load'n'Run italian magazine is also a way to discover small fixes needed. :D

Please consider the following:
ID 26286 - Rename to "Play’n Learn: Europa centro meridionale"
ID 26305 - Rename to "Play’n Learn: Segnali di pericolo"
ID 27488 - Rename to "Scopa"
ID 27836 - Rename to "Avventura in Spectralia"; keep "Spectralia" as an alias
ID 27903 - Rename to "Spectroca"; keep "Il gioco dell'Spectroca" as an alias
ID 27904 - Rename to "Fumetto: Generale Custer [1]"
ID 27912 - Rename to "Fumetto: Generale Custer [2]"
ID 28702 - Rename to "Geometria II"; keep "Geometria 2" as an alias

ID 28605 - Delete (it's just a screen$ advert)

There's also a few MIA's, I'm posting them in the appropriate forum section. 8-)

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