Bank 7 Ram usage by +3 DOS

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Bank 7 Ram usage by +3 DOS

Post by keith56 » Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:21 pm

My Chibi Akumas game is very nearly done, but I came across a 'last minute bug' on the +3 version,

On the last level I'm using pretty much all the ram in bank 7, I'm using SET DOS 1346 with all 0000 to try to stop Dos using any memory, but I guess I misunderstood how it worked.

I'm now backing up the range &DB00-EE00, some or all of which I understand is used by +3 DOS and that seems to have it fixed, but I would like to ask on here, as I know you guys are all experts at this, and can give me a more 'definitive' answer of what I should do

I saw on WOS here: ... ent_671845
The suggestion to back up these areas:
56064,2560 } regular disk area 58880,1 } timeout clock 59516,724 60416,926 62720,128

Which suggests I only need to back up &DB00-&E500 for a regular+3, but for the +3e (a system I'm not familiar with) I need to back up other ranges too (for 'mass storage use"?)

The current build of the game runs on an emulated 3E+ by disk image, so it seems OK with the current code, but I really want to know 'best practice' in this case, so I can use the same code in future projects

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