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ZX-Spectrum 48K
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[10th Frame + City Slicker + Dragontorc + Fighter Pilot + Firelord + Impossaball + Leaderboard + Rana Rama + Rocco + Survivor]
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Commodore 64

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Compilation Contents
Tape/Side/#: 1-A-1
Release Year: 1986
Tape/Side/#: 1-A-2
Release Year: 1987
Tape/Side/#: 1-A-3
Title: 10th Frame
Release Year: 1987
Tape/Side/#: 1-B-1
Title: Firelord
Release Year: 1986
Tape/Side/#: 1-B-2
Title: Survivor
Release Year: 1987
Tape/Side/#: 2-A-1
Title: Ranarama
Release Year: 1987
Tape/Side/#: 2-A-2
Title: Dragontorc
Release Year: 1985
Tape/Side/#: 2-A-3
Release Year: 1986
Tape/Side/#: 2-B-1
Title: Rocky
Release Year: 1985
Tape/Side/#: 2-B-2
Release Year: 1983
Page: 120 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Review
Score: Not Rated
Page: 63 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Review
Page: 44 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Review
Score: 6/10
Page: 116 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Feature - We Wish You A ... Cheapy Christmas