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@ Andromeda Software <Andromeda Software [1] (Hungary)>
@ Hobbyte
Never released
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Machine Type:
ZX-Spectrum 48K
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Other platforms:
Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64
Heavily advertised by Piranha and featured in a number of magazine previews. Crash ran a feature on 2000AD games which Piranha were planning in issue 47 and gave away a free Judge Anderson booklet. The company, however, went bust before this game could be completed/released.

The player would play the role of Judge Anderson who must rid Mega City of the Dark Judges.

Games That Weren't has a feature on the game. The Commodore 64 version of the game was actually finished and can be downloaded from their site. The game is described as a sort of Operation Wolf shoot 'em up (nb - they refer to the game as Judge Anderson).

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Origin: Tie-in Licence
Type: Comic
Owner(s): 2000AD (UK)

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