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Space Odyssey
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ZX-Spectrum 16K
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Not really a compilation in the usual sense, but a bundling of the 4 cassettes that make up the series, in a nice box.
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4-cassette pack; also sold separately at £5.90 each

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Compilation Contents
Tape/Side/#: 1
Title: Avenger
Release Year: 1982
Tape/Side/#: 2
Title: Fireflash
Release Year: 1983
Tape/Side/#: 3
Title: Proteus
Release Year: 1984
Tape/Side/#: 4
Title: Sentinel
Release Year: 1984
Page: 19 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Review
Score: 1/3
Page: 35 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: News/Note
Issue: 1984/3
Page: 8
Article Type: News/Note
Page: 22 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: News/Note -
Page: 6
Article Type: News/Note
Page: 2 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Full-page ad
Page: 73 (PDF) (VIEW)
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Page: 106 (PDF) (VIEW)
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