General info for: Wolfenstein 2004
Wolfenstein 2004
Original Release Year:
Original Publisher:
Message Language:
Machine Type:
ZX-Spectrum 128K
Maximum Players:
Original Price:
84 rubles
Note: requires a disabled Write Protect to work correctly.
This game supports Multicolour up to 83 colours, and gives more frames per second in 7MHz Turbo mode.
There was also a Wolfenstein 2004 Editor.
Original WoS Score:
5.66 (48 votes)

Wolfenstein 2004 screenshot
Wolfenstein 2004 screenshot
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Alone Coder (Russia)
Multi-language: English, Russian

Icons provided by Flaticon
RZX Archive / Youtube
License Information
Name: id Software
Country: USA
Type: Conversion
Original Name: Wolfenstein

84 rubles
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