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Never released
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ZX-Spectrum 48K
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"This Screen$ is virtually my final contribution to the ZX world. I put it together using The Art Studio (Rainbird I think was the company) and put it together pretty much freehand. I had been using Art Studio for my previous games The Prisoner (version 2) and The Girl Who Was Death, and often to create the right proportions, I would take photographs of VHS freeze frames of Prisoner episodes, then place an acetate grid over the photo. I would then use this to transfer the image to the Spectrum graphics. I produced some pretty good results if you had the whole screen to play with, and to this day the McGoohan portrait on the Girl Who Was Death Screen$ (the one with the lighthouse) is still probably my finest effort. As for Arrival, it never got made - I had tired of writing Spectrum games by this point - the computer was beginning to lose its pole position and the interest was wearing off. New horizons beckoned!"

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Origin: Inspiration
Type: TV show
Owner(s): Incorporated Television Company (UK)

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