General info for: The Hunt for Red October - Based on the Movie
The Hunt for Red October - Based on the Movie
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Karl D. Jeffery, Richard Knightley, Jason G. Lihou, Damian Stones, Jim Kinlough, Andrew Pang, Steven Bedser, Adam Clarke, J.V.M. Design, Allister Brimble, Neil Crossley
Steinar Lund
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ZX-Spectrum 48K/128K
Maximum Players:
Cursor, Interface 2 (right), Kempston
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Damian recalls: "The protection scheme used on most of the titles I wrote was SpeedLock (by Dave Looker- a good friend), apart from The Hunt for Red October, which uses what I like to call 'DamoLock' [;)] Wrote it myself, including the custom tape reading routines. Multiple layers of encryption that were randomly selected at source code compile time, to effectively fill the remaining memory and take a snapshot of the game, whilst encrypting the saver/loader with 'I' reg lookups- pretty simple to code, a total biatch to decode [;)]"
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6.64 (14 votes)

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License Information
Name: Paramount Pictures Inc
Country: USA
Type: Movie
Original Name: Hunt for Red October, The

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