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ZX-Spectrum 48K
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For the Bug-Byte Software Ltd re-release:

Bugfixes provided by Darren Shacklady:

  • The instructions state that the weather conditions "Dry but windy" are favourable to slow bowlers, but due to a bug these conditions do not arise during play.

    Fixed using POKE 55346,6
  • A graphical glitch can occur when Gillespie bowls against a batsman with a long name and high score; the gameplay screen scrolls up by one line, but the player animations remain in place, creating an ugly effect. This is because the bowler description "G'llspie Fast-Med" is too long.

    Fixed by shortening his name further to "G'spie", then amending "Wright" to "J.Wright" (John Wright) to fill in the two-byte gap left in the code.
  • Some trivial spelling errors are corrected in line with information from the appropriate Wisdens: "Allot" is "Allott", "Yousef" is "Yousuf" and "Mathews" is "Matthews".

    To accommodate these changes, "D'Frtas" becomes "D'Ftas" and "M'mott" is now "M'mtt."
  • There are no Slow-Medium bowlers in the game, although provision is made in the code. The England team has three Fast bowlers and three Slow, but four Medium (plus one Fast-Med). The fix changes Allott to Slow-Med instead of Medium - maybe not accurate, but allows the chance to see what Slow-Med is like. Slow-Med bowlers take six minutes per over.

    Fixed using POKE 57443,2
The title was originally released by Bug-Byte as "Test Cricket", then re-released as "International Cricket" by Your Sinclair, and then re-released again by Bug-Byte under the new title.

Test Cricket image, screenshot or loading screen
Test Cricket image, screenshot or loading screen
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International Cricket
International Cricket
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